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Simplifying the Fitness Noise

What the Industry Says

Kevin Mullins delivers exceptional education in the fitness world for a few reasons. First, he authentically cares about making people feel special and improving. Second, he authentically cares about seeing the fitness industry improve as a whole. And finally, Kevin has performed for years in the trenches, succeeding in the fitness space as a on-the-floor trainer and as a leader of teams - all of which allows him to expertly articulate what it takes to be successful. 
--Clifton Harski 

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What they Say...

"365 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom" - Jonathan Goodman

"Little attention is paid usually to the "how to" of building a successful career. Thanks to Kevin, this void is now being filled."  - Simon Warwick

THIS book should be required reading for anyone hoping to make a career out of personal training. - Steven Head

Tired of body fat that won't go away and muscles that won't look bigger?

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"Simplifying the Fitness Noise"

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