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"365 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom" - Jonathan Goodman

"For anybody in the fitness industry, or even thinking seriously about entering it, this book by Kevin Mullins will quickly become a "must-have" resource. There are many fitness certifications around the world that teach you about training, physiology, anatomy, etc, but little attention is paid usually to the "how to" of building a successful career. Thanks to Kevin, this void is now being filled."  - Simon Warwick via

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Kevin Mullins, CSCS, is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor for Anatomy-Midtown in Miami, Florida and a Master Instructor for the Pain-Free Performance Certification (PPSC), created by Dr. John Rusin.  


Previously, Kevin was the the Director of Product Development and Education for The St. James in Springfield, Virginia. His time there yeilded the development of a 4-tiered internal education system, the creation of multiple group fitness concepts, the standardization of business units, and navigating the challenges of COVID-19. This role followed a successful eight years with EQUINOX Sports Club in Washington D.C. where Kevin contributed as a trainer, group fitness instructor, and Master Instructor for EFTI. 


Kevin is the author of one of the most popular books for Personal Trainers: Day by Day: The Personal Trainer's Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success. Additionally, Kevin is the creator of the Functional Performance Coach certification - available through SCW MANIA conferences. 

Kevin has contributed to the NSCA, The PTDC, PTontheNet, T-Nation, Men's Health, the Washington Post and more throughout his twelve year career. 

At his core, Kevin is an average guy with a "superpower" - the power to find solutions where most see impossible problems. His mission in life is two-sided. First, Kevin commits to delivering the best fitness experiences to his clients. Secondly, he simplifies the educational noise for fellow fitness professionals. 

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