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Train with Kevin. Unlock your Future.

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Monthly Training Programs

Every person deserves the opportunity to have a qualified coach developing a game-winning plan for their goals. This is true in life, school, business, and definitely in fitness.

Hire Kevin to be your personal coach from a far and benefit from the experience that has accumulated over the last decade and twenty-thousand sessions. With each month you'll receive a customized training program that is guaranteed to take you from where you are to where you will end up.


Contact me below for a free consultation and let's establish your FUTURE, now. All training programs are guaranteed to deliver your results or your money is given back!

What the Industry Says

Kevin Mullins delivers exceptional education in the fitness world for a few reasons. First, he authentically cares about making people feel special and improving. Second, he authentically cares about seeing the fitness industry improve as a whole. And finally, Kevin has performed for years in the trenches, succeeding in the fitness space as a on-the-floor trainer and as a leader of teams - all of which allows him to expertly articulate what it takes to be successful. 
--Clifton Harski 

A note from Kevin:

I appreciate you taking the time to consider becoming one of my clients. In an obviously crowded space of trainers, fitness influencers, and large brands - it can be very hard to choose the best option for you.

I could easily write a long winded sales page into this area. I know how to do it and I've written dozens for other coaches and fitness personalities over the year. I'd start by stating a problem you have - something you could easily relate to. I'd say "it's so hard to be a busy parent and train like you did in your twenties". I'd follow it up with a question with an obvious answer, like "wouldn't you love to feel great naked and live a stronger life without missing out on family time?"

At this point you'd feel like I'm talking to you and you'd be hooked to every sentence as though it were your horoscope speaking to your soul. 

I'd mention the offer briefly before highlighting what your money would buy you. I'd reference other calls-to-actions and talk about how you either act now or forever wondering what could have been. I'd throw a few more testimonials in there and use very aggressive, yet happy, language to implore you to act now. There would be fancy graphics and a change in font size and style when i wanted emphasis. 

And somewhere along the line certain words to trigger SEO and other "tricks" would be woven into the fabric of my dramatic narrative as to why you should hire me. I'd even close with referencing some of my most "famous" clients from the years in D.C. and Miami...

or I could say this...

I'm Kevin Mullins, and I've spent the last decade (plus) training real people in real places such as EQUINOX, Anatomy, The St. James, and in apartment and office building gyms in two big cities. I've been studying fitness, health, and training since I became a kinesiology student at the University of Maryland in 2008. I've been training my own body since 2006 and have seen myself shift from bodybuilding to powerlifting, and then endurance races (Spartan) and a little CrossFit. There was the yoga and movement phase, and kettlebells too. 

I'm qualified to train you because I've worked with U.S. Navy Seals and Grammy award winning musicians. I've helped NFL prospects improve their draft stock before a combine and I've helped NBA players regain strength in the offseason. I've trained thousands of sessions with CEO's and politicians, and a few thousand more with young women who are nervous about lifting for the first time. I've trained clients with botched hip surgeries and helped them walk again, gotten clients off of medications, and even kept a few from taking their final breathes due to depression and sadness. 


My online clients enjoy our check-ins. We joke, we laugh, we connect as people...and then we discuss your training program. We connect about life events and I'll happily repost you on my Instagram if that's your thing. They love that their programs are challenging, but doable, and always written in pencil and not pen. Weekly changes aren't uncommon although monthly just makes more sense. 

My in-person clients enjoy the laughing between sets, the science-based programming, and the highly effective coaching language I use to ensure they are safely getting the most results possible. They love that I'm focused on building their network, their experience, and their body equally. 

If you are still reading this, then clearly you are wanting to work with me. Let's connect and work out the details so that we can get started sooner than later. 

No more sales pages...

Just training programs and results. 

Let's GO!

Schedule your FREE Consult 
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Thank you. Kevin will contact you within 24 hours!

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