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An Average Guy Doing Above Average Things

Education and Credentials


Quick Highlights:

ANATOMY Personal Trainer - Miami 

Director of Product Development - The St. James - Virginia

M.I. Trainer/Instructor - EQUINOX - Washington D.C. 

Author of Day by Day: The Personal Trainer's Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success and the E-book Elite Program Design Concepts

GetPPSC Master Instructor

Creator of the Functional Performance Coach Certification



BSc Kinesiology 

University of Maryland College Park



USAW LEVEL 1, PN1, Schwinn Cycle, PPSC, KBA1

2014 and 2015 Men's Health Magazine Next Top Trainer

Contributor to PTDC, PTontheNet, NSCA PT Quarterly




Hey there, 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learn more about me. I realize there are so many interesting people in this world to follow, so many great websites to visit, and so many other things fighting for your attention. And so, it means a lot to me that you even came this far. 

I'm Kevin Mullins, a coach, author, public speaker, and dreamer. I'm a trainer with twelve years of experience helping clients solve the problem that is fitness, health, and performance. I've gained over twenty thousand hours of experience training clients, coaching group fitness, and teaching lectures to other trainers. I'll never pretend that I know everything, but I'm very confident that I've come to know a lot about a lot, especially as it pertains to fitness. I share this mindset with all who attend my lectures with NSCA or SCW MANIA, as well as with all attendees of the Pain-Free Performance Certification. 

You can check out my blog, or the articles I've written for other sites, or download my free digital book on fat loss right now. Live your Life and Lose your Fat has helped thousands of people around the world simplify their exercise and diet. I've typed hundreds of thousands of words on the topics of fitness, training, nutrition, mental health, and life itself. All of these things are free content too, so take everything and anything you want. 

I do have two books that are aimed right at fitness professionals. The first one, Elite Program Design Concepts, is a e-book that dives deep into program design for personal trainers. It has helped a lot of trainers, in 24 different countries, distill the complex science that is program design and better serve their clients. I think you'd love it if training and program design is your bag. 

The other, Day by Day: The Personal Trainer's Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success, is the summary of my twenty-thousand hours of experience in text. Designed as a "tip-a-day" book - this unique book is helping trainers simplify this career, deliver better results, and overcome the hurdles that hold them back. It is available on now.

We should be connected.. Below this paragraph is a subscribe button that will link you to me so that you get on my email list - something that keeps you up to date on my work and also gives you access to anything I can offer you, such as discounts, early access, and friendship. Go ahead and do that now.


Otherwise, I'm just an average guy who is committed to doing more with my life. I realize that there is only so much time to experience all that this life has to offer and so I'm motivated to expand my own horizons and skill sets so that I can do the same for others. 

I'm fortunate enough to have earned the right to lead other coaches, work with amazing clients, and be paid to share my thoughts on all matters health and wellness. I promise you that I'll always do my best to give you personal attention and help you be the best version of yourself. If there is one thing I've learned in my time as a trainer, writer, teacher, and public speaker it is that there is never enough time to learn everything, and so it is important to choose your sources and methods wisely. I strive to be a valuable source and a reliable individual. 

If you'd like to work with me as an online client, then you can click here and learn more about me and my training style. I'd love to connect you with someone who is already training with me too so that you can get an unbiased opinion of how everything works. Just connect and we'll go from there. A short summary though: My clients report feeling independent, yet motivated and coached; guided and challenged and yet understood and listened to. 

My goal with online clients is to allow you to "discover" the perfect routine on your own time, but with professional guidance, expert coaching, and a relentless commitment to personalizing your program to your life. 

Oh, and let's connect on Instagram too. As you know photos and videos and social media in general helps better prove the quality of someone's work and character.  My feed is right below this. Go ahead and click on over and throw a like my way and hopefully we can make each other better.

Again, thank you again for taking your time to be here and please enjoy everything that I have to offer. 

Stay well,


2010 - present

2010 - present

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