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The Long Biography

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and engage with me. Regardless of how you ended up on this page – I’m thankful that you are here and hopeful that you’ll enjoy my story. I’m also here to connect with you if you’d like to share your details at the bottom of this page so that we can become best friends.

My name is Kevin Mullins, and I’m the son of a retired Air Force father and a fearlessly loving mother who prioritized her family over any personal agenda (and still does).


Born in Baltimore, but raised in a small town; Rising Sun, Maryland – I experienced city life and wide-open country in equal doses prior to turning 18. I was average in every way. I played baseball, football, basketball, and even soccer throughout my youth – never being great, but never bad either. I didn’t’ work out or eat healthy, but also didn’t show any proof of “bad” health and lifestyle choices.

I also wasn’t the best student back then, often distracted by fitting in and failing to see value in who I was as a person without external validation. As a result, I attended Cecil College – a two-year school in my home county prior to transferring and graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Kinesiology in the winter of 2010.

I truly found my spark in those two years of community college, especially after a summer job working in the devastating humidity of the north east in July. As a “hydro seeder” my job was to rake dirt, remove rocks, seed and fertilize the ground, and then cover it with straw that was spit out of a very dangerous blower in the back of a pick-up truck (someone lost their entire hand that summer).

It was somewhere between personally losing twenty-five pounds in the summer heat during 12-hour days and knowing that my peer lost his entire left hand that I decided to take school a bit more seriously. Heading into my Freshman year at Cecil – I was focused on becoming the better version of myself. I transferred to Maryland with a 4.0 GPA, and a well-paying job at GNC as a sales associate (and even managed my own store for 4 months prior to departure).

The University of Maryland provided me with a formal education in all major studies, my desired field, and in food-to-alcohol ratios. I still have many friends, endless memories, and a degree I proudly show in my home. But the journey hadn’t even started…

A short stint making very low wages at a franchise Gold’s Gym near my alma mater pushed me to the brink of thinking fitness wouldn’t be a workable career. In fact, I was so broke at one point that my own father put a proverbial pin on my vision and implored me to apply to various police forces and military branches.


The U.S. Marines, Capital Police, and even the Secret Service Police applications were moving along quite rapidly when I answered a job ad for The Sports Club/LA in Washington D.C...

I still remember the interview in an office where they had the smell of fancy perfumes coming through the vents and the PnL report in the corner showing revenues exceeding 1-million the previous year…

Did I belong there?

Apparently I did, which is when I was hired as a trainer and worked from 2011-2014 for the brand. Then, like a whisper in the night – EQUINOX came and purchased the entire company and transformed the brand basically overnight. One night I went home in the black and orange shirts that defined my past and awoke to put on the “Train” shirt that would define my future.

I rendered about 5 thousand sessions for Sports Club/LA in that span of time and began my career as a group instructor as well. Additionally, I had my first opportunity to be on Live TV, in-print, and across National media with my appearance on Men’s Health: Next Top Trainer – a reality show that pitted me versus 7 other amazing fitness professionals for the rights to film our own home-DVD.

Although I didn’t win, it led to the launch of this very website, the culmination of my writing career for major outlets such as PTontheNET, The Personal Trainer Development Center, and some ghost-writing opportunities for a few professionals who wanted to leverage my skills to save time.

It also transformed my vision of this career field. I didn’t think I’d be more than your classic coach – in the gym to train and go home – until this opportunity. Soon enough, I was filming content for brands, making live TV appearances, and even appearing in some independent movies and major motion films (as an extra).

All while working at EQUINOX, rendering thousands of sessions per year until 2019 when I left the brand. During this time I was elevated all the way to Tier 3+ (and chosen to audition for Tier X prior to my departure), taught group classes that were ragingly popular, and most importantly, began my journey as a Master Instructor for EFTI.

Suddenly, I was addicted to the attention of being in front of people for their gain, and not my own vanity. Soon enough I couldn’t stop looking for opportunities to teach and present, which led to my increase in attendance at conferences and other certifications. This visibility led to opportunities with the NSCA, SCW MANIA, and other brands that allowed me to get in front of their audiences.

Additionally, I published 2 digital e-books, and my first paperback, “Day by Day: The Personal Trainer’s Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success”, which has sold over 5,000 copies on Amazon since December 18th, 2018 – it’s release date. These books, as well as hundreds of articles and blogs are still available for all to read.

In 2019, I transferred to my first ever corporate role as the Director of Product Development for the St. James in Springfield, Virginia. That opportunity gave me a chance to spend time with leadership developing the fitness brand of a start-up. I was involved in the direction and development of personal training, group fitness and strength and conditioning for the brand. Additionally, I oversaw the development of a 4-tier internal education system known as the “St. James Academy” that is still in use today.

Additionally, I joined the Pain-Free-Performance-Specialist Certification TEAM as a master instructor – guided by Dr. John Rusin, David Otey, and Clifton Harski. To date, I’ve taught about fifty events for the brand and continue to enjoy it.

In April 2020, the entire world shuts down for us all. I continued my work with STJ all the way until I could no longer handle the shutdowns of the northeast in April 2021 – a time which my ex and I moved to sunny Miami, Florida. During that year though, I helped launch digital fitness programs, online workouts, and helped re-open and re-store revenue to a 450,000 square foot facility and its many departments.

In May of 2021, I began working for Anatomy – the number 1 brand of fitness clubs in Miami, Florida. As a long-time admirer of Marc Megna, their founder; I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to follow his leadership and join his brand. So many other amazing humans I knew worked for the brand and I needed to be a part of this special experience.

In July of 2021, my ex decided to divorce me, suddenly, after six years – a decision that obliterated my entire existence and led me down a destructive path that was only salvaged by the values I was given during my upbringing and the undying love from Marc Megna and the entire team at Anatomy. For the better part of a year, I began my days with caffeine and ended them with whiskey – but no one ever quit on me.

There were good times, and bad times, but all-in-all, I learned that my joining Anatomy was less about what it would do for my work-life and more about how it saved my soul and my life in general.

I left Anatomy in April of 2022 when The St. James reached out to bring me back to the brand and work from Miami on the development of their cutting-edge digital application “STRIVERS”. Even through my trials and tribulations, I performed close to one-thousand sessions for Anatomy, taught group fitness classes, and co-developed ANATOMYFIRST – a proprietary education system that teaches science, sales, customer care, and what it means to be a body architect. I maintain a high-level of relation with the brand and regularly visit.

Now, with Strivers I’m actively developing multiple revenue lines for Digital Coaching and a Digital Trainer powered by advanced A.I. technology. Further discussion can’t be had at this time.

Other work engagements currently include:

·       AXIOM Fitness Master Instructor and Course Creator

·       Private clients throughout Miami

·       Consultant to multiple fitness businesses in South Florida

I’m now happily living in Downtown, Miami where I regularly study Spanish, play guitar, engage in day-trading the SPX on E-trade, write articles, film content, deadlift heavy objects, and enjoy social nights with friends and family.

Connect with me below and we can become friends...

No really...


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