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Stuff to Check Out: Women's Health Edition

This week sure was interesting.

Late last week I was contacted by Women's Health magazine asking if they could use some photos and information about me in an upcoming feature on the website. When I found out what the feature would be; I couldn't help but ask twice to make sure they found the right guy. The feature is:

They even called me eye candy! And because DC was first...I'm First!

I mean...I take care of myself. I work out hard. I sure don't look like I came stumbling out of my mother's basement after just downing a box of Hot pockets, Cheez-Its, and a liter of cola. Yet, to throw me on a list that is essentially the "ten hottest trainers from the ten fittest cities" is a bit stunning to me; albeit freakin' awesome!

I just want to make sure they didn't hit their heads...

Or drink at work....

Seriously though, I feel honored and flattered as I've always seen my calling card being my education, passion for fitness, and work ethic. So, to have attention drawn to my body and physique feels nice!

I'd like to thank my parents for good genetics, deadliftz for those gainz, and the cafe at work for feeding me damn near every meal I eat.

Moving on...

Here are 3 really awesome articles that I think deserve incredible attention.

Jordan is a guy who, like myself, is young and eager to prove himself. He is a bit further along in his journey than I am, but I think he and I would totally rock out to some tunes and deadlift for hours if put in the same weight room together. I'd hope he would appreciate my taste in Gloria Estefan....

This article is awesome though, and points to some non obvious ways that you can stop putzing around and actually start getting things done!

Eric is a leader in this industry and typically speaks gold when he talks. Here is a great post that really talks about lessons he has learned from his own personal experience, that of his friends and coworkers, and the thousands of people he has worked with or had working in his facility over the years. Give it a read. It is smooth and goes down well.

You can't seem to lift a weight anymore without anyone asking if you do CrossFit. It seems to be the only way you can work out anymore in most people's minds. Here, Dr. Rusin and Stu McGill, both insanely smart guys... absorb and give what amounts to an easy to read thesis on the topic of Crossfit! A must read for anyone who wants to speak intelligently on the topic!

I'm off to enjoy my weekend and give my parents a nice day in D.C. tomorrow. I should have a new post up by Sunday evening on a topic that strikes me.

Stay healthy people!


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