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Stop Exercising! Stop Working Out!

Hey guys,

Eye catching headline right? How could this personal trainer, budding strength coach, and avid exercise fanatic tell me to stop working out? Is there a new supplement that lets me watch TV and eat pasta and still have abs?

The answer is of course, no. You still have to exercise, if you need a verb to describe what you are doing in your instagram posts.


Today we stop exercising and working out. We begin TRAINING!

It seems like semantics when you look at the words on paper. They are after all, just words. However, if you think about what each one means in terms of progress goals, and success...well then the answer is obvious.

Athletes train, bodybuilders and figure competitors train. There is an end goal in sight for these individuals. There is a distinct plan to their actions. Whether it be to train explosiveness and power, or to bring up some stubborn calves. Regardless of goal, there is a path they plan to follow to achievement. Very few can interrupt them, and the look in their eyes may even be intense. Sweat drips from their brow, and their lips are left open as they stare at the dumbbell rack, contemplating their next jump.

You find yourself working out, exercising each time you go to the gym. You do a little of this, a little of that. You fiddle with your Iphone, and you talk shop with that guy who is always talking to everybody, and never really working out. You do a few more curls, a few leg raises, sneak a set of lat pulldowns and you go home to your life. You may even snap a selfie in the locker room on your way out.

The difference looks like a canyon when you paint these pictures so vividly. Yet, that difference is simple and easily managed if one commits to the change.

Now, you may not want to be a bodybuilder. You may never be a professional athlete. Yet, that doesnt' mean that you can't set goals that are measurable and comparative. Do you want stronger legs? A tighter core? Do you want to have those arms you've never had?

Everyone needs goals, and everyone needs a process. Set measureable and attainable goals for yourself (contact me if you need helping with setting those goals). Your next step is to push yourself to be on a path to achievement. You need to build, or purchase, a program. Commit to the program and be ok with not feeling great at all times. Embrace the process and refuse the nay-sayers!

Here at the 5 tips for stopping exercise, and starting to train!

1. Do research on the topic. Look for individuals who are experts in that area and seek out even more information from them. If they are trainers like myself they will likely have some free training programs available through their sites that are samples of what they do with paying clientele.

2. Once you have accumulated information build a program. Follow it religiously. Don't pick and choose the days you do, or don't do. Perform it the way it is designed.

3. Be ok with uncomfortable. When something is new it is often uncomfortable. New exercises have a tremendous way of making us feel as though we can't do them, or that we are very weak. Stay persistant and accept the fact that one has ever achieved bad-assery by staying in their comfort zone!

4. Block out the haters and the threats. Even your friends can be negative influences. Often time they are jealous of what you are going through and what you may accomplish. They make poke at your work ethic, joke about being lame, and even try to sabatoge your efforts by tempting you back to your old life. Stay true, stay proud, and focus on being you!

5. Fall in love with the process. The process is the growth. Sure, we all want the endpoint and the results. Yet, if you don't enjoy the process, then you missed the greatest gift of all...perspective. Understanding the path between point A and point B can be hard and full of rocks is a character building experiment that will make you more ready to accomplish anything else in your life.

Training is exercising with aim. Are you going to get the best looking person in the building? Or are you just going to settle for whatever comes your way at 2am? It is all about goal setting, and making the most of yourself!

As always I am here for more conversation, consultation, and guidance.



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