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Lone Survivor, One-Year this week, and Finding Cause!

Hey Guys,

As stated ad-nausem. It has been a whirlwind lately due to vacation, all the Men's Health publicity, typical training-load, and trying my best to build this site to your liking! This weekend my parents are down here in the district, and we will be going to dinner quite shortly. Today's blog post is a bit different...more of a life quality thing, and a little less training. Although, that doesn't mean you can't take the idea I'm putting out there and apply it to your diet and nutrition.

Here goes...

Just finished watching Lone Survivor and I have to say I am enthralled. Not because the movie is spectacular (which it is, great sound, great depth to the battle...etc), but because the movie tells the story of men with valor, honor, and dedication. There is no replacing these traits, and so few of us posess a pure form of one of these traits, let alone all 3.

The point I want to make with this is that you need to find a cause, let go of all the bull-shit and hone in like these men did. They trained and were broken, brought back to life as Navy Seals, and born in that was the mentality that they will not quit, they will not abandon one-another, and they will not fail, even if it means losing their lives first. This needs to be in our world more often. So many people quit when it gets hard, stop trying when they see a wall, and abandon ship anytime it rocks. Screw that, and screw being weak! Get up, find a purpose, and go after that thing like a 16 year old kid in heat at Prom!

This time last year my mother was recovering from surgery to repair an aneurysm that had burst in brain. She was heading to work on the 18th of June, 2013 and blacked out. On June 19th, her birthday, she was in surgery. This week marked a year anniversary of the scariest, most painful time in my life. I'm an only child, and I love my mother to the end of the Earth and back. I know your thinking to yourself, that's cute, what is your point? My point is that no one knows where their time is up, and no one knows when they will have a spark either! This time last year I was ignited. Seeing my mom, and amazingly strong woman (seriously, wrestle her, you will lose), broken and devasted me. Then, watching her heal....invigorated me.

You can not tell me that you don't want to be better than you are this second. I felt something sitting in that chair staring at her sleep a few days after the surgery. I felt God, my soul, something, tell me to get after it. To stop playing games, to stop leaving my destiny out to fate, because time is short and our dreams deserve pursuit! On that day I decided that you all would know my name....and I am truly not bragging with this next statement....but look at what a year makes!!

To quote a good friend that I met at Men's Health NTT, Paul Theo, "but it is not about me". This post isn't about me and my journey. It's me sharing my story to you and letting you feel that fire hit your chest that makes you want to slap the person in front of you. It makes you give a dollar to the homeless, volunteer as a firefighter, show up to work looking right, or maybe even put down a bottle. Maybe you need a new fire to eat that chicken again, and to get in that squat rack.

Greatness isn't is earned. Furthermore, greatness isn't an accident. It is a damn conscious effort!

I love you guys! Let's get it!

Till next time!



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