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Men's Health Next Top Trainer Episode 1 is LIVE!

Ladies and Gents,

Episode 1 is live. Watch and enjoy as 8 trainers from around the country get their butts kicked by the one and only Bj Gaddour. He is a special type of guy. He has energy that just comes from a genuine place and was able to make all of us work very hard, on camera, to prove ourselves.

Again, as always...I am super blessed to have done this challenge. It was endless amounts of fun.

Episode 1

3 Fun facts about our challenge!

1. BJ really did kick our butts. I sat in a chair for a solid 15 minutes after the workout. As Lou pointed out, my conditioning wasn't there. I will admit that my focus has been very different as of late on my body, and the massive attack of bodyweight exercises slaughtered me a little bit.

2. The move I did on camera was monster-squats. It is simple, squat down to a good depth, about parallel, hold that postion and begin lunging to your left, and then your right, back and forth, all while never losing that loaded position. It is a QUAD igniter!

3. Doron was a special dude. Got there later then all of us. Kept his head up, and was super positive. Mad respect for him. If your in Studio City, look him up!

Till' the next episode (10 minutes from now because i'm catching up after vacation!)



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