• Kevin Mullins

Came back from vacation, found out Men's Health likes me!

Hey guys,

Great to get back here on the blog and get with you again. Men's health did an amazing piece on me recently as a build up to the Men's Health Next Top Trainer launch.

Be on the lookout for the following posts that show each episode! I'll blog some insider info and thoughts as well.

I can not say it enough. I have been so blessed to have been apart of this competition. The experience was amazing, and the motivation to grow is hotter than ever!

Here is the link

Kevin Mullins Biography

Fun fact about this shoot...the basketball was more of a joke, and so the fact that multiple clips made it into the shoot is entertaining to say the least. Anyone who knows me knows that basketball is a fun way to do cardio, and not a strong point in my athletic arsenal!

Fun fact 2: So much of the dialogue was filmed in one-take. I've been blessed with the gift of gab and one-liners and so I was really comfortable answering questions on the fly!

Thank you guys again!