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I critiqued the President's Workout. What Does it Mean For You!?

Today was a unique experience. I opened up the Style section of the Washington Post and read the article titled "Obama looks strong in workout". Now, I knew I contributed as the expert testimonial for the article, but it was still the first time I've ever had my name and the President in the same breath. Pretty cool I feel.

In an effort to avoid any type of political conversation as a result of this post let's get on point! (Although I will say it took all the strength I had to not joke with the writer..."Obama sure is stronger on his left side than his right", but I didn't, and so the opportunity was missed.)

Barack seemed to be going through a rather standard shoulder, arms, and cardio routine to the common eye. Yet, I will say that I was impressed by the variety of things he was able to perform during this clip. We saw rear and lateral raises, dumbbell overhead presses, walking lunge-curl-press complex, and even some step-ups. SURE, he wasn't bench pressing a semi-truck or even deadlifting our economy out of the toilet (sorry had to), but it is refreshing to see our leader being focused on his fitness.

He had diversity, energy, focus, and most importantly, a plan to his workout. He did a respectable job of training himself in a Polish hotel. I'd surely like a crack at training our President. I'd have him do a ton more rows and plenty of legs. A ton of core, and just enough shoulders and arms to throw a flex if needed and shred his suit jacket into thread-fibers.

(No seriously, end a State of the Union on that note and I'm all in).

What does this mean for you?

It's simple really. If the President, and leader of the free world, had the time to get a workout in, so DO YOU!

Those I'm too busy excuses go right out the window and in the trash when you compare your schedule to his. (I apologize if I am being direct, as I am sure many of you guys work tirelessly in your lives, and I applaud you for working out at all given your stress). HOWEVER, running the free world does have a few additional challenges.

The point I'm trying to make here is that you need to do as Barack did and bring diversity, energy, and focus to your workouts. Most importantly, have a plan!

Set goals that you know you can chase, and eventually obtain. From there develop a road-map on how you are going to get there from the current location you are at. Focus endlessly on taking steps forward towards your goals, be willing to diversify yourself and try new things, and NEVER lose energy.

The most exciting thing you can do all day is work out, and make yourself better. It is your 30 minute, 1 hour, 2 hour, whatever window for YOU, YOU, and YOU! Seize that chance, attack your workout, and become a better version of yourself in the process.

Till next time guys,


P.S. Just do your dumbbell presses all the way down please, no half reppin' here!


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