Next Top Trainer 2. LIVE!

June 18, 2014

Hey Guys,


Men's Health Next Top Trainer 2 has gone live. Watch as the 7 of us work our tails off ON THE FLY to put together a 90 second exercise of the week video!


Top Trainer 2


3 interesting facts for you guys:


1. I really thought i did well. I immediately regretted the E.R. comment. It fell out of my mouth. The second I said it I was trying to catch it. It is a product of being new to that situation and trying to speak and do and think all at once. 


2. My hip hinge (or lack thereof) was an issue too. I was in a rush to power through the basics that I ended up making myself look like an idiot. Trust me, I had no intentions of going backwards in this challenge. I love the kettlebell swing and could do one in my sleep if I needed.


3. Eric was another great guy. Not a single person there was unlikable. He is so smooth too. Everything he says and does has a flow to it. Yeah, it's cool!


Bonus fact: I do pride myself on those one-liners. I don't try either. They just fall out of my mouth at random.


Till the next post,



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