My Write-Up in the Washington Post

May 29, 2014

Everyday has a way of making itself special. Today started as a typical Thursday morning, with the addition of rain, and a little bit extra exhaustion from training some extra sessions this week.


I get to the gym and everything is normal until people start coming up to me and congratulating me for my write-up in the style section of the Washington Post. Little did I know, an interview that I had done a while ago with a tremendous writer, was being published today.


I would like thank Helena Andrews for a tremendous write-up, Men's Health for giving me a platform, and everyone along the way who has helped me build what I have come to be able to offer.


Check out the article for yourself and tell me what you think!


My greatest hope is that this is merely the beginning of something amazing!



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Kevin Mullins is an average guy doing above average things. He wakes up each day with the intent to put his best foot forward, to help others, and to have a little fun.


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Kevin is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Equinox Master instructor and trainer of ten years. He has over twenty thousand hours of experience under his belt. 

He has been featured on the PTDC, PTontheNET, was named a Men's Health Next Top Trainer in 2014 and 2015, contributes to NSCA PT quarterly, and speaks at a variety of conferences.

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