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Day by Day: The Personal Trainer's Blueprint

to Achieving Ultimate Success

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"366 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom" - Jonathan Goodman

Master Instructor, and ten-year industry veteran, Kevin Mullins has written the essential guide to building and optimizing your personal training business. Using a clever calendar format, Day by Day is broken into monthly topics and daily tips. Here a few now:

  • January 1st (Professionalism) - Someone is always watching you. Be your best.

  • March 5th (Goal Setting) - Set process goals instead of outcome gals.

  • May 28th (Resistance Training) - Never underestimate the neural load of training. It extends beyond muscle soreness. 

  • August 12th (Nutrition) - Food sensitivities can impact a client's ability to follow a diet you've prescribed. 

  • November 14th (Myth Busting) - Cardiovascular exercise is for much more than just fat-burning.

Day by Day brings Kevin's twenty-thousand hours of experience to your bookshelf and an honest look at what makes a successful trainer tick to your mind. There isn't a fitness professional, fitness manager, strength coach, nutritionist, sports coach, or kinesiology student that shouldn't have a copy of this book. 

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