Training ONLY package

Training ONLY package

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This package includes:


  1. 100% customized training plan
  2. Bi-weekly digital check-ins and monthly check-in call
  3. Movement and Health Screening
  4. Copy of "Live your Life and Lose the Fat" e-book

Enjoy the results you've been chasing without the stress of worrying about what you should be doing, how you should be doing it, or if it will even work. 

  • Specific Delivery and Rules

    All training programs are non-refundable due to the delivery method of the product. 


    Training programs are delivered via email before the 1st of each month and are designed to last a maximum of 4 weeks (or to the end of a month).


    Forms are provided during intake, 2-week check-ins, and monthly wrap-ups. The success of the program depends highly upon your comimitement to providing feedback.


    In addition to this purchase you will be asked to sign a contract that acknowledges that Kevin Mullins, and Kevin Mullins Fitness, are not liable for for any injuries or damages that occur while training.