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Outsource your Nutrition & Achieve your Goals

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In the last year I've really taken to business, investing, and the overall study of local, national, and international markets. Whether it's catching a few segments of Shark Tank on the couch at night, reading "The Intelligent Investor" on the roof deck of my apartment building, or picking my clients brains about the business processes they employ - I seem to constantly be relating everything back towards this sector.

This is easily explainable after eight consecutive years of personal training for commercial gyms, with each year providing well over 1,500 sessions, hundreds of group classes, and countless workshops, continuing education credits, and as of recently - a chance to become master instructor; a role which allows me to teach the next generation of trainers. Thousands more hours have been spent writing, speaking, and contemplating fitness. Each time with greater respect to the the depth and breadth to an industry which I've called my own for quite some time.

I'm closer to becoming an "expert" on fitness than I am a beginner.

I say this with complete respect to the title of "expert" and am in no way deciding that I am in fact an expert. (I'd like to think I'm pretty damn good, but self-appointed titles are the crown jewel of a jackass' crown, and I'm really trying to grow up and out of being such a donkey).

So, long story short I've found myself gravitating towards business principles, and most chiefly, investing. At first overwhelmed, like a rookie surfer staring up at their first real wave making its way towards them, and now an amateur just getting my board under me; I've learned a few things.

Little did I know that my exploration of business practices and investing principles would lead me to having a powerful revelation in regards to health and fitness. One which would help guide me in my coaching strategies in regards to my client's nutrition, as well as my own.

The one simple lesson I want to share with you today is:

Don't be afraid to outsource what costs too much for you to do

In business, it is not uncommon for a company to outsource the production of goods to another facility, location, and even country. Whether it is the cost of materials, distribution, or the pressure of competitive wages - companies look to save some money by allowing someone else to handle the production of their goods.

A simple example of this would be a company with multiple "price-lines" of the same product. A shoe company that produces a premium good, a mid-grade good, and a lower-grade good would benefit most from outsourcing production to a factory that places a massive order of raw materials, machinery, and beyond - especially if wages happen to be lower in that location.

They'd save on up front cost of manufacturing, which increases the profit margins, and over time leads to a better, more sustainable business.

Now, what the heck does this have to with nutrition and fitness?

Glad you asked - It sometimes requires an honest look at your weekly practices and assessing where you can outsource things in an effort to better reach your goals. A company realizes where they have flaws in operations and looks to solve it by having someone else do it for them.

You? You assess your weekly schedule and become brutally honest with yourself in regards to what you can and can't do. When it comes to nutrition - most people have the same problem, but always promise that "next week they'll do better".

Food Preparation.

While the commonly prescribed resolution to this is issue is to "prepare your meals in advance", "shop and cook at the same time", "make it an adventure and a challenge to be prepared before your week begins", "never wait until your hungry" are all amazing pieces of advice - there remains one huge problem.

Not everyone likes cooking 12 chicken breasts and half a farm of sweet potatoes on the weekends. Not everyone loves to figure out what to cook, how to cook it, and how to not burn your house down.

Some people do though, and that's what makes the world go around. It's that magic balance between the anti-cookers and the wanna-be food bae's of the world that make this place a crazy awesome sphere to live on.

Yet, for many of us, spending precious weekend hours in the kitchen, even if it's best for you, is undesirable. So is being hungry and tired after working all day on your feet, but you still have to prepare dinner. It's this conundrum that shows itself as the flaw in your business model, and it is the one that needs be addressed if you are to reach new levels of success.

Wouldn't it best to outsource your meal preparation, especially if a service is available in your region that emphasizes fitness-minded meals, instead of making empty promises on empty stomachs?

Sure, they'll cost some money, but just as a business may invest in a co-packer to drive down material costs - you may want to invest money in order to ensure you are getting the right nutrition at all meals, or at least the ones you struggle most with. This is when it is wise to outsource your meal preparation and free yourself up to use your resources for anything else that matters.


Your workouts, or family time, or an extra few hours at the office per week that drives you towards that promotion you've been aiming for.

Here in the Washington D.C. area we have Territory foods. A brand of meal preparation that utilizes actual chefs with an emphasis on nutritional content in an effort to ensure absolute quality. You can customize your weekly menu to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions, as well as choose between breakfast, lunch and dinner options. (To note: Territory is also located in SoCal, San Fran, and Dallas)

Other branded meal services are available to you depending on where you live (Freshly, Pete's Paleo, Sakara). The brand behind the product doesn't matter as much as what this product does for you.

  • If there is that one meal of the day that you never seem to eat because you are always in a rush, or you are oversleeping your alarm, or you tend to work through lunch - then a healthy meal that you can reheat in a microwave is for you.

  • If there is a lazy person inside of you (let's be honest) that hates cooking late at night, or doesn't want to spend hours of your weekend indoors managing your oven - then prepared meals are probably your best move.

  • If you just want to open up your palate and still maintain control over the nutritional content of your meals - you guessed it. These prepared meal services are perfect for you.

A great business understands where it is lacking productivity. The sooner it realizes where it needs help is the sooner it receives it. Your body is your business. Don't be afraid to outsource some of the processes in an effort to better profit in the world.


Meal services are an amazing substitute for those less inclined to cook in the kitchen, especially when you have goals for your body.

Don't leave it to chance that you'll pick a salad tomorrow at lunch. Don't let the burger joint, or burrito spot tempt you every time you're hungry. Just like any successful body - you have to plan to eat what is right for your body. The only difference is who cooked such a perfectly balanced meal.

It's OK to outsource the meal preparations if it isn't your strong suit. In time you may develop other strategies, but now you just need structure. For those of you in TERRITORY's range CLICK HERE and enjoy your first few meals at a big discount.


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