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Do you ever feel like your fitness programs aren’t good enough and that other trainers know it? No matter how long you’ve been in this industry, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re that clueless trainer that clients and trainers are laughing about.

That’s why I recently wrote an article for the Personal Trainer Development Center called “Is Your Fitness Programming Good Enough?”

In the article, I share what a program is and isn’t, but more importantly, the seven principles to create the best workout routine and maximize your clients’ results.

I also dive into:

- Why the first few minutes with your client are the hidden secret of all great programs

- Two powerful things you need to include in every program

- How bad trainers approach programming

- The one hidden thing that you need to change in every program to make it a GREAT program

Head over to the PTDC to read more about my 7 principles to stop getting laughed at by clients and trainers!


As always I'm honored and excited to have my writing on such a reputable site.

Finally getting to see it come to print was like...

Hope you enjoy and have a healthy weekend!


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