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The Monthly Catch Up (April 2016)

April, like all months before it, flew by in what seemed to be a flash! It was a great month though. One that offered opportunity in so many avenues, in so many new ways.

Let's dive in and see what happened!

Training -

Another month with a bunch of sessions. This month I trained 134 sessions. I had a lot of great moments with my clients too.

One of my gals has lost about 20 pounds since we really started dominating with her dietary habits. More vegetables and clean proteins is always a winning formula. Her strength has not relented either. She has recently deadlifted 255 under my watch, and is now squatting 185 for doubles.

I have a client who has had a history of knee pain due to weak ankles, poor running form, and low body weight. He has put on about ten pounds of lean mass (same BF%), we have strengthened everything from his ankles to his lats, and his running from is getting to be so crisp on video that I can't find many flaws...

One of my clients has brought her boyfriend into the fray. They train on the same day at separate times. I find it very fun to make her work her tail off in the morning (225 pound sumo deadlifts and 225 pound hip thrusts with a whole bunch of chin ups thrown in). Then, that afternoon he strolls into my gym and starts getting all mobile, sweaty, and feeling his glutes too. They will be D.C.'s fittest couple if I have my way.

A great story though, is that someone has found me by way of Texas and NYC. She has trained in the past and had success, but not like we are having now. While she was being coached well and wasn't being done in a way to make her feel empowered. Watching her take leaps and bounds with her attitude, training, and nutrition has been so rewarding to me - because ultimately...that is why we do this!

In regards to Superhuman - 8 classes and one special event at our Tyson's Corner location. Whew..those ladies pushed me to be on point!

Oh, and this awesome gentleman was traveling to D.C. and wanted to snap a photo post-class. Gotta show love!

Teaching at UMD -

I make it no secret that I'm a University of Maryland graduate. I am exceptionally proud of my education and memories that I gained while attending that school.

So, when a client of mine who is a professor at the University asked me to teach a guest lecture to his class...I about lost it in excitement. What made it even more special was that it WAS NOT in kinesiology, or even the school of public health.

Rather, I spoke to a group of young business students about the importance of technology integration in personal training, which is a service based industry. Thus, I sort of extrapolated outwards into the value of data, networks, and ease of "entry/re-entry" for a business built around a service.

I wont' bore you with the lecture notes, but I will say that it went exceptionally well and I was tremendously flattered to have been given a chance. I truly hope it was not my last time giving back to a school that helped shape me in so many ways!

Blogs on this Site -

I didn't have as much time to write for my site as I would normally like, and was even really late to the party with my March catch up. Nonetheless, I'm really proud of the following article and the experience that created it. Give it a read and find out why I took CorePower YogaSculpt - and what it taught me.

I tried CorePower Yoga Sculpt - My 3 "Core" Takeaways

Back on the PTDC -

Being on the PTDC (personal training development center) once was super cool. Being asked to write a second article in a month after my first article aired - REALLY REALLY COOL.

Jon and his team wanted me to touch on the science that is non-negotiable for successful trainers.


5 Most Basic Exercise Principles that Every Trainer Should Know

Writing for Dean Somerset (Dreams do come true) -

I have been reading Dean's site for about 5 years now. I met him and Tony Gentilcore at a conference down here in the D.C. area about a year ago now (a little more).

So, to be able to write for his site is a tremendous honor to me. He is an outstanding professional, superstar coach, and a great person to know in the industry. Plus - he is Canadian...which makes him like a rare breed of animal in our midst.

What is most interesting to me about our article (likely because how large his following is) - is that this article is my largest to date in terms of feedback and shares. It was NUTS how many people reached out and followed me, emailed me, or just shared their two cents on my piece.

Totally thankful, and flattered that it went so well.

The Art of Personal Training

The Start of Flag Football -

Every spring, summer, and fall I like to play flag football on the National Mall.

For one, you can't beat the back drop.

Two, and really why I play, it is great to get out there and feel some competitive spirit again. Sure, I'm not taking as serious as I would a start on the mound back in my baseball days. I'm not going to mow down a gal just to get an interception (although some fellas out there really need to chill the F out).

I just go, play pretty hard, stay safe, and have a blast throwing the ball around. You make memories, friends, and have a few cold beers after a game (win or lose). Honestly, one of my favorite things to do.

No other reason to bring it up other than to keep you in the loop about my life.


Another great month and a true close to the Winter weather. I truly hope May and June bring on the sunshine, good memories, and good fortune!

Stay well. Stay Strong. Stay You!


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