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The Monthly Catch Up (March 2016)


Way too much of April went by before I got this post out. I'm actually a bit frustrated that I hadn't knocked this out sooner. Needless to say - the months are flying by.

Let's just jump right into this one and act like I'm not 19 days into April already....

Training at Equinox -

March was another busy month for me at Equinox. I performed 129 sessions, a bunch of consults and nutritional sessions, and taught Superhuman 7 times. I would have done more but I spent a weekend in NYC for the High Performance Living Symposium (More on that next), and a weekend at my parents new home in Tampa, Florida (hint - it rained).

I share these numbers because I take pride in how many hours I am able to spend with actual in-person clients. It seems like more and more people are finding success training online and building large scale businesses through that model. I think that is perfectly fine, but there is no real comparison to the personalized touch of an actual training session.

I'm able to grow closer to my clients, hone my craft, and enjoy the gym environment everyday - from about 6AM until 9PM. It can be exhausting at times, but honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm on pace to match this in April, so we shall see how that turns out.

Cycle for Survival -

People often comment on how much us trainers charge at Equinox. People talk about our marketing, or our membership costs. All of it is valid conversation. Sadly, these people often overlook the amazing good we do when take on charity.

Last month I had the amazing honor of riding for about an hour during one of the many rides held throughout Equinox's around the country. Cycle for Survival raises money for rare cancer research - to change lives directly - just by selling seats on spin bikes, and having people form teams and raise funds.

Fitness is at its best when we are using our physical gifts to benefit the world around us, and C4S is a prime example. We raised millions this year, and hundreds of millions over time. It is one of the most powerful experiences in my professional career to witness, let alone be a part of.

Mid ride

I hope next year I can be an instructor as my friends Jen, Kaitlyn, Liz, and Mike were this year. I found myself wishing I could take a stab at the lead ride!

Check out what we accomplished at -

The High Performance Living Symposium -

Another really cool part of working for Equinox is being able to attend the HPLS in New York City. This symposium, like many fitness conferences, features lectures from industry leaders, ample opportunity to network, and an opportunity to have a blast in a new city.

This city was NYC.

I love NYC. I love late nights in NYC.

We were in fact singing - Tearin' Up my Heart by Nsync

The conference though was outstanding. Learning directly from guys like Dan John, Nick Winkleman, Peter Twist, and Mike Fitch has made immediate impact on my training practices. In fact, I have applied something VERY specific to each of their lectures that I truly believe will never leave.

They are:

1. Bulgarian Bag Deadlifts for Beginners (Dan John)

2. Movement should seek absolute length (Peter Twist)

3. Everyone should hone their technique with visual cues (Nick Winkleman)

4. Handstands and Bodyweight mastery is really cool (Mike Fitch).

There were other amazing presenters who talked about everything from our internal biome of bacteria, the value of sleep, technology in fitness, and so much more.

Front and Center for Nick

Networking led me to exchange information with many of the aforementioned leaders that I've looked up to since my beginnings. Moreover, I was able to shake hands and make acquaintances with key members of the Equinox family, as well as other trainers such as myself that are located in other cities!

Did i mention that I also got to enjoy NYC?

Visiting my Folks -

A few months back I wrote about how powerful it is to close on your past... to let go of things in a a way that can allow you to continue to grow. For me - my childhood home was one of those things.

After receiving a promotion and job opportunity in Tampa, Florida - my father and mother moved southbound to become beach-going-sun-soaking-pool-owning-Floridians....

I finally got the chance to visit their new home and I loved it. So beautiful and so different than the home I grew up in. It'll never feel like "home", but I'm super stoked to see them living their lives to fullest in a new location - and I'm excited to see them grow as a couple and as people!

It rained my whole visit though, so I am still bright white in color....Casperish

I look forward to my next trip back!

Happenings on

You are here on the site, so I can't help but hope that you've read my material throughout the month. If you haven't though -

Here they are!

1. Love, Lunges, and Life-Lessons - and Ode to Training

2. Do not Confuse Health and Fitness

Writing for PTDC

So, this one is super meaningful to me. Years ago I stumbled upon Jon Goodman's site (not the actor) and was hooked. He created a website for trainers, by trainers, that was intended purely to improve our "game". Lessons from industry vets and young guns like myself can share the stage on weekly-best article lists.

Plus he accepts submissions for articles created specifically for the site. After years of reading and a few "best of" selections I was finally able to write for them directly!

The Difference between A Coach and a Trainer

I'm really proud of this writing because I was able to talk about things that I care about. I really want to see an elevation of training quality in the industry as a whole. I think the responsibility of taking care of your clients health and well-being should not be taken lightly, and in fact, requires a quality coach and not just a typical trainer. Read on to see my thoughts.

Thank you again to Jon and his crew at PTDC. I'm honored to be allowed to write for your site and share my work with a larger audience!

Writing for PTontheNET -

Another site, PTontheNET is a pay-for site that also offers free content for all those who visit the pages. The site offers continuining education credits, online lectures, and so much more to PTs who aspire to grow themselves into better trainers and professionals.

For the second straight year I was selected as an official ambassador of the site - a title which asks me to represent them on forums, social media, and through the creation of four unique blog topics.

My first post was up late in March and it is shared below. I'm stoked to know that it is also one of the most shared articles in PTontheNET history!

Training the Female Client

Thanks to Amber and Erin at the site for allowing me the opportunity to continue to grow our industry and represent your brand!

Acting -

I was able to do one more short for my good friend, and amazing talent - Ashleigh Coffelt of Miss Ash Productions.

This one - "What is this" was a super cool look at dating. The way we shot it was fun and led to an interesting need to memorize lines that didn't make sense by themselves, but formed an incredible narrative when edited together after the fact.

Everyone has dated. Almost everyone has been frustrated by dating. Moreover, some of us (ME) are continually frustrated with the games that are played during dating.

Check out "What is this"

I am really proud to be a part of Ashleigh and Courtney's work. They are two girls looking to show the world that movies don't need to all be the same. I'm so proud of them and endlessly excited to see where they are going.

Widow Jane Bourbon 10 Year -

I will never hide my passion for high quality bourbon - and this month brings you a new favorite.

Check out Widow Jane for an incredible punch of coffee and spice when it hits your tounge and a sweet, honey-like finish when you are done.


Like all good bourbons - it should be enjoyed in small amounts that are appreciated, and not downed like a simple whiskey-diet.

Something in My Workouts -

Thanks to learning from Mike Fitch at the High Performance Living Symposium I find myself working on my handstands.

I spent much of March working on my Pike-90's and wall supported, flat-back handstands.

Gotta admit - never thought I'd care about it, but I find myself really enjoying the challenge of learning how to balance on my hands.

Give it a try and see how your shoulders develop. Moreover, you may find that you feel stronger and more stable over time due to the development of the stabilizer muscles in the joint.

Till APRIL -

Check back soon to see what I've been up to in April.

Till' next time.


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