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The Monthly Catch Up (February 2016)

February, much like January before it, came and went with a fury. Being a leap year we gained an extra twenty four hours of Feburary bliss, and I needed all of them to wrap up the month.

Let's Catch up!

I got certified in Schwinn Cycle -

Yep. You read that right. I spent an entire day on a spin bike and learned from a rockstar teacher on how to best execute an indoor spin class. If you know me, then you are likely familiar with the old me who loved to talk smack about spinning. I laughed when people suggested that I take it, or better yet, teach it.

Well now...I guess I am a hypocrite.

As I grow as a fitness professional I've come to relish the idea that everything has its place in an exercise program designed for the general population. Not everyone is going to want to bodybuild, powerlift, or run sprints on a track.

In fact, most people just want to sweat and smile during their workout.

Enter cycle.

I'm still a strength coach at heart who loves deadlifting, overhead presses, and utilizing resistance training as a catalyst for physical change.

However, now I have a new tool in my belt that I can use to help people get in better shape. Plus I get to hang out on a bike, rock out to some fun tunes, say more silly things on a microphone, and break a sweat myself.

I'll keep you updated for when they actually give me a class!

Training Sessions and Classes at Equinox -

It seems a lot of you guys were interested in my workload at the gym, and so I guess I'll tell you what I did every month!

In February, I did 128 training sessions, 8 consultations, 4 nutrition consultations, and taught my class Superhuman 10 times (I subbed a few times). I would have done even more sessions, but I needed to take about 48 hours off a few weeks back because I was nailed by a cold!

Side note: Being in the NE corridor I find that the changing of seasons gets me every year. The warm, cold, warm cycle makes my immune system very unhappy!

I usually work 5 1/2 days (short Saturdays and never Sundays) per week in order to produce those numbers. It can be a bit much at times, but I seriously love my clients. They make me a better trainer, coach, and man everyday!

Blogs on -

I want to lead this section off with a special shout to Garrett Nicole Wood - a superstar from Boston. We wrote pieces for each others websites again this month, and needless to say - her piece for me was amazing!

Firstly, she went all 21st century on us and dropped a ton of videos in her blog, 6 Exercises for a Pain-Free Deadlift. More importantly though, she provided an amazing amount of content, pointers, and coaching. It is very easy to see why she is so successful in her own endeavors.

If you haven't had a chance to read that blog yet - I highly recommend it.

For my own writing - I really liked - 1 exercise for a better squat article.

Writing for Garrett -

In February I had the honor of writing one guest blog. I always enjoy writing for other people, publications, and sites. It forces me to focus on the details of writing such as grammer, word choice, and artistic value. I absolutely do my best when writing my own blogs, but there is an added level of focus when you realize someone ASKED you to be a part of their world.

You can't let them down.

Garrett Nicole Wood asked me to write for her site - on a topic which is meaningful to both of us - helping women work out even better. I really enjoyed writing this piece as I found enjoyment in poking fun at us males, while still providing sound and useable information as to why certain exercises need to be in the female training program.

Check it out: 5 "Bro" Moves that Every Girl Should Use

Composition ID Ambassador and Blog -

Lastly, I've been brought on as an Ambassador to Composition ID, an elite scanning service located here in DC that provides DEXA, Resting Metabolic Rates, VO2 max testing, and even blood work. As a fitness professional I can say that working with Composition ID has really helped me elevate my training programs for my clients.

I get better data on their body fat percentage, bone density, aerobic capacity, actual "baseline" metabolism, and hormone markers in their bloodwork.

Knowing someone's specific condition can lead to better specificity in program design.

Check out the blog I wrote for the site about strategies that can lead to permanent body change and let me know if you are interested in scanning so I can provide you a discount code.

Read here: Permanent Progress: 3 Strategies for a Successful Weight Loss Program

Acting -

In January I revealed that I've recently dove into doing a little bit of acting. One of my closest friends, Ashleigh, is a rising star in film. She writes, directs, and acts from her heart - which is an incredibly beautiful place. Check her out at MissAshProductions.

I'm not going to get too much more sentimental, but just know this girl is special, and she will change the film industry, alongside her best friend Courtney (who is the female lead in the films below).

Side Note: Today is actually International Women's Day - so...perfect. Shout out to all the strong women in this world!

Check out the trailer to a film that we are all very proud of - and one that has found itself in multiple film festivals here in 2016


Lastly, here is an amazing music video we shot to Daughter's "Alone with You". It was so much fun interpreting those lyrics into something we could spell out on screen without using our words.


Just know that there are even more films to come, and that I'm willing to admit that film is becoming a fun part of my life. It is tremendous to let yourself go for a while and create art!

What I've been Reading -


A client of mine's husband wrote an awesome book about understanding Economics utilzing examples from popular culture, history, and the public sphere. In short the book shows why we actually benefit from lower tax rates, increase free market spending, and more private economies. Given the amount of misinformation and emotion in this year's election - I highly recommend it as an informative read.

Popular Economics by John Tamny

Learning from atrocity has been a practice in existence for ages. We always look to history for lessons. In Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" - we find lessons in a man's hardships during a concentration camp. We find meaning in his lessons, and hope in his expressions. What better way to discover yourself in today's rapid, careless world, than to lose yourself coming to understand what "REAL" hardship looks like.

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Fitness Blogs

Here are my favorite blogs from February

5 Ways Trainers Need to Improve - Nick Tumminello

Stop Forcefeeding the Barbell Deadlift - John Rusin

5 Powerful Strategies to Help Every Client - Krista Scott Dixon

Then vs. Now: Learning Lessons from a Former Bikini Competitor

A Place to Check out when in Washington D.C.

I have really come to enjoy Two Birds, One Stone - a speakeasy type of bar hidden below a restaraunt on the happening corridor of 14th street.

Craft Cocktails (try the Old Lady of the Harbor, seriously), a chill atmosphere, and a mature feel makes this place one of my favorites in the city.

The Creative Corner

Every month I want to share a little piece of my creative side - something that I promised myself that I'd begin doing.

Here is a short story -

His travels in the city of his dreams led him to a small street, one where the lights still held true, casting a glow upon the cobblestone that stood beneath his feet. Everything around him was illuminated to the fullest, as though carefuly curated to project perfection. As the road went forward the light became even more evanescent, eventually fading into a dark corner to which no light could be found.

Step by step he found himself closer to the corner, nervous and curious as to why this blackened hole existed in a space surrounded by such brightness. Existential almost, he felt he belonged to him.

His right hand shook as he reached into the front pocket of his jeans to find his phone. Desperate to shed light upon the unknown he fumbles to press the power button. A faint light finds the space and in it is everything he hoped he'd never find.

A burnt book bound in a leather strap. The cover revaled more than just char, as he could faintly read the words "Forget I exist" written in multiple places. He need not know what it said inside for he was the one who wrote it.

It was a book of his fears, his weaknesses, and all the things he'd hoped would disappear as his city built around him. Every building, street lamp, and bench was carefully placed to drive him, and others, away from this corner.

He thought he'd make the corner impossible to find - and he did.

Except to himself. He is the architect of this metropolis - he knows everything.

Thank you All - and I'll let you know how March Goes!


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