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The Monthly Catch-Up (January 2016)

Hey everybody!

I am sorry for the long delay between blog posts. Truthfully, I've been hammering out sessions for Equinox these last few weeks. One would assume that it is nothing but resolutioners coming in to make this year "the year" that they lose weight, but it actually isn't. I have a lot of my clients back in town from business travel, a few new folks, and a few people training for very specific performance goals

Needless to say, after 68 sessions in the last two weeks I'm pooped. I even stumbled through the massive snowstorm a few Saturday's back to teach a special Superhuman class. We were due to accumulate anywhere from twenty to thirty inches and yet my butt was waddling through the blizzard to do my thing.

That's not even the crazy part. What was crazy is that 35 members joined me that day. Thankfully, my Equinox is in the center of D.C.'s West End, which is one of the most walkable areas in a very walkable city.

Much fun was had and looking back on it...I am very glad I did it.

22nd street at about 11AM

This current week I have already done 38 sessions and have 6 more tomorrow to pair with my morning Superhuman class. I'm digging deep and searching for caffeine. Thankfully, I'll be going to the Wizards game tomorrow night for an easy night and relaxation with friends.

The good news though, is that I'll complete a simply, but effective blog tomorrow that speaks on the absolutes behind weight loss.These are those undeniable truths that when activated lead to weight loss in even the most stubborn of exerciser.

Going forward I'm going to do a monthly wrap up in terms of a lot of the things I do outside of my actual training sessions and classes. This will be a hub for my media appearances, guest blog posts, and other relevant stuff that doesn't need to take up space in individual blogs!

I'll also share three or four articles that I really enjoyed reading at the end, so that you can see where I'm looking for my reading pleasure.

January 2016

January was an amazing month for me in terms of blogs, sessions, training, and even trying my hand at acting.

Acting -

Crazy it as it sounds, I did a few independent shorts in January and had a blast! My good friend Ashleigh is such a talented director, and can be found at MissAshProductions. I wish I could share some of the work we did together, but I'm not allowed to...yet!

In the meantime, check out her Vimeo page for an idea of what I may have done and to check out some of her amazing (AND AWARD WINNING) work! Her vision is so pure and her desire to change the culture of a predominantly male Hollywood is appropriate.

I have always enjoyed camera time, and enjoyed the idea of entertaining people. I took a few acting classes as electives back in college and had a realtively easy time doing something challenging. I truly think it is fun. To be honest with ya'll - I wouldn't mind doing it more!

WUSA 9 on Air -

Speaking of camera time. I'm very blessed that I was invited to the local DC - CBS affiliate station a few Tuesday's back to do an on air shoot.

It was super cool to be on set and watch them do weather and traffic. Not to mention I had a ton of fun doing a fitness segment with the hosts! This was a completely live shot too, so there was only one chance to get it right.

It reminded me of the pressure I felt when I shot Men's Health Next Top Trainer! I spoke on important tenants of weight loss (as inspired by blog #Truth) and showed three bodyweight moves that can smoke calories and challenge the body!

I wish I could direct post, but follow this link to see the video! Hope you enjoy!

Working Out -

One last video link that features me. So, over Thanksgiving break this past year I went and visited my really good friend, amazing trainer, and fellow 2 time Men's Health Next Top Trainer Finalist - ERIC BROWN! AKA the FITMAN.

We slammed down one hell of a leg workout. Separating glutes/hams/and quads led to some serious devastation and sweat. It was amazingly fun, hard as nails, and woke me up to what lactic acid should feel like.

Check out this hella hard workout. Eric is an amazing trainer, and like I joke in the video - made of titanium. He isn't the biggest or heaviest guy on this Earth, but boy oh boy is he strong! He pushed me to grow as a trainer, as a lifter, and as a man. Those hip thrusters had me questioning my judgement!

**Bonus points for laughing at my shirt - I love that one!

1-1 with Garrett Nicole Wood

I met Garrett through the interwebz and immediately loved her writing. A bad ass, powerlifting, bikini competing trainer wanted to interview me on my thoughts about lifting, eating as a man, music, and my love of bourbon.

Check it out -

Garrett is a really cool girl that was willing to ask me questions much like I asked her for my site. Our vision stemmed from the idea that we've both developed unique audiences that could benefit from hearing quality fitness information from a fresh voice. I believe our efforts worked perfectly!

I'm flattered she chose to work with me.

What I'm Reading -

You are the boss vs. You are the sucker

Exercise You Should be doing: Overhead Squeeze Press

Carb Cycling

5 Training Rules to Live By

Try this Bourbon

Joseph Magnus bourbon is something that has caught my taste buds. A gift from a client - it has a very soft corn flavor, but hints of other fun stuff that makes it awesome to sip on after a long week. Check them out here.

Till' March when I recap an exciting and session filled February! It is a short month, but I am not going to be short on a workload!

As this section grows - I'll add more things to my weekly catch up!

Check back tomorrow for my new blog.


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