• Kevin Mullins

Stuff to Check Out: July 1st Edition

This weekend served as an amazing reprieve from the busy schedule I typically keep. I'm usually full throttle personal trainer, coach, and writer during the week. One the weekends, I play in two flag football leagues, lift heavy weights, and try to keep some sort of social life. I'm not complaining, but the last few months went by like a blur!

So thank God it rained all day yesterday. No flag football, no clients, and nothing to do but lay around my apartment and read great fitness articles that have been on my to-do list for quite some time.

So without further words. Here are my 3 favorite readings for the week!

Why You Must Sprint - Eric Bach

Eric is everywhere nowadays. Everything he writes seems to be embossed with golden awesome! This article touches on something I've been preaching to clients and friends alike. Sprints are an outstanding way to boost your cardiovascular endurance, shred body fat, and even get stronger. Read the article and learn more reasons why you need to be sprinting!

Training and Nutrition for Fat Loss: A Short Person's Guide - Jordan Syatt

Jordan put up on one hell of an article this week. I'm not short, but I'm not exactly tall either, so this post drew special interest to me. Simply put, no two people can eat exactly the same when they are trying to lose body fat, especially if you are comparing a shorter person with a taller one. Included in the article is two awesome approaches for deficit dieting, and tons of great nutrition information.

Handstand Pushup Zero to Hero - Logan Christopher (on Jason Ferruggia's site)

The handstand pushup is an impressive feat of bodyweight mastery, strength, and will power. This goes further than just bouncing off the floor with your skull, like Crossfit, but rather, mastering the core strength, and balance to do a handstand pushup ANYWHERE. A great instructional read, you'll be trying it in no time!

Bonus Article -

Do You Know How Much Sugar is in Your Ketchup? - Washington Post

With the summer season upon us cookouts are common place. This coming weekend, July 4th, there will be lots of ketchup being used. The question is - Do you know how much sugar is in your ketchup? Here is a easy read from the Washington Post that answers that very question.

Closing Thoughts

If you are traveling this week for holiday please do so safely. I'm looking to do two blogs this week for the site, so keep those eyes peeled!