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It's 4-20, so Aim High!

I couldn't help myself with the title of this one. It's been a while since I've posted on the site. Life has a way of speeding up at times and before you know it a month has flown by.

But seriously, where did March go?

It's not like I haven't been busy however. In fact, I've been hard at work pushing the boundaries in life and reaching for the proverbial stars.

First, I returned back to Men's Health to audition for Season 2 of Next Top Trainer.

Simply put, I felt like I didn't show the best version of myself last season, and left a lot off camera that should be seen. I truly care about my clients, about my reputation, and the training industry as a whole.

Returned to audition again was therapeutic as it served as a closing of last years "book" and the opening of a new one. That isn't to say I don't want to have another shot at the challenge. I think I did pretty well in the audition. You be the judge:

Hopefully, they like the punny puns!

Next, I was allowed the opportunity to write a blog for Tony Gentilcore and his website.

The article dives into the various forms of education that are available for us as fitness professionals. Some costs thousands while other forms of education are literally right at our fingertips. You can give it a read here

I want to take a second to say that I'm extremely honored that Tony let me post on his site. He has been a guy that I've looked up to for years for his work in our field, and admired greatly for his ability to write blogs that really jump at his readers while teaching them some awesome stuff!

Tony is one of the good ones in this industry, along with Cressey, Dean Somerset, and so many others. Hopefully, one day this blog will have a similiar weight to it and I'll have people asking me to post to the site!

Lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I did Pullups for Zoe

Honestly, I'm not going to dive into this one too deep because I intend on having a full write-up dedicated to this event on it's own, but here is a synopsis that is easy to follow:

1. My friend, and brother in arms, Paul Theo tried to break the world record for pull-ups in honor of a girl named Zoe, who has Cystic Fibrosis, a few years back. He didn't break the record, but did 2,501 pull-ups in 16ish hours and raised 25 thousand dollars for charity.

2. Being the man he is Paul aimed to grow this event, including friends from Top Trainer, and other walks of life to allow it to grow into something beautiful and huge.

3. Tons of gyms participated, all serving one purpose: Give of your physical gifts in honor of a cause. To pour your energy into something that ACTUALLY matters.

4. Long and short, here at Equinox in D.C., 20 plus people participated in doing pull-ups for 3 hours. Some did it for an hour, while others did a few stints here and there. We totaled 2,763 pullups as a team, and raised a ton of money.

5. I did 509 pullups, my hands hurt, and I smashed a huge burrito and slept on my couch the rest of the day.

Ok, so I point all that out as a nice "catch-up", but to also make a point.

  • At the begininning of the year I wouldn't have thought that I'd already have a blog post on a website like Tony's that I read everyday

  • I also wouldn't have thought I'd be given a chance to show my truest self on stage for Men's Health again.

  • I SURE AS HELL didn't think I'd bang out 509 pull-ups in just 3 hours.

But I've done all of these, on top of many other things that matter, and it's only April. I don't say this to brag, or boast. I swear. I say it to point out that we are a reflection of our goals.

If we set our goals too low our results will also be low. How can you expect to climb Mt. Everest if your only goals are to get off your couch?

Some people have accused me of being a dreamer, of not living in the moment, of being too focused on things at a young age. I this is silly.

Set crazy goals and pursue them with a crazier energy and resiliency. MAGIC WILL HAPPEN.

It's only April 20th people, it's early in the year. So aim high, and accomplish something!


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