• Kevin Mullins

Guest Post at Wellnesswinz!

The fitness industry is like a fraternity, or a sports team. It's always a bit awkward as we feel each other out and see what someone else stands for. Everyone has their own skill sets and abilities, interests and passions. Yet, once the initial phase has passed and everyone has warmed up to each other, then the real fun begins.

Teamwork, collaboration, and a genuine interest in seeing each other ensues. Recently, I was asked by a former coworker of mine, and good friend, Maggie to write a piece for her website. I have to say it was an honor to be asked, and exciting to share my thoughts and process with a new audience.

Read the article right here! and let me know your thoughts.

It is an article that dives into why women should be stronger. Never a bad topic if you ask me!

Also, stayed tuned to Maggie's site as she is a beacon of knowledge with a much different viewpoint than myself. I look up to her and think highly of her skillset. You should too!

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