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Scheduling Your Fitness: Time to Own it

IThis time of year is full of resolutions and hope. This is the year that you lose that weight. This is the year you look the best you ever have.

Why do we fail then?

It is simple, really. Most people do not make training a priority in their daily schedule. Too caught up in the "American Dream"; most people find themselves living everyday, Monday through Friday, exactly the same.

Get up, go to work, come home and watch some TV after having dinner. Rinse and repeat week after week. Only, a few times a year they feel inspired to get their asses back in the gym and start working out.

However, these occurences are the exception, and not the norm. In fact, I always tell my clients, group exercise participants, and inquisitive members the same thing...You need to push hard until exercse becomes a habit. Once exercise becomes the habit IT BECOMES THE NORM, and missing a day becomes the exception.

You have to make the time to exercise.


Ok Kevin. That is well and good, but I'm busy. I have a job.

Congratulations, everyone has a job. If you are working hard to be a contributing member of this society, then chances are that you spend somewhere between 30 and 50 hours at work each week. Hell, if you are some of my clients who do law, or consulting, then you'll find that number closer to 70 or 80 hours a week.

Thus, if a client of mine can find time to see me twice a week, every week, and still nail down 80 hours at the office...then so too, can you!

I even have a friend who is a lawyer. She regularly works fifteen hours a day, six days a week, but still finds the time to get the gym, do some trapeze work, see her trainer, and even play flag football on Sundays with us....

It is about making it the norm.....

Ok, you are right Kevin. I can fit exercise into my work schedule, but I need time to relax after a long day's work.

Compiled statistics, such as this collection of Neilson information shed light on this factor. The Average American watches four hours of TV a day...

Four hours...

Four freaking hours....

Sure sure, House of Cards is catchy (new season soon folks), and Game of Thrones is bad ass. Oh yeah, and Orange is the new Black, and Friends, and Sports, and Property Brothers, and......................

We are all entitled to visual entertainment. I enjoy some HGTV with the girlfriend, and I'll even jump on the ol' PS4 and play some Madden with coworkers, or ya know, get my butt kicked by a 12 year old from somewhere.....

Yet, if you honestly need to watch every program ever may have a problem. Furthermore, to relate it to your need for exercise, there is no doubt there is coorelation.

You have to ask yourself, How bad do I want to change?

Do I want to be in better shape, or do I want to keep doing what I've always been doing?

That simple... really.

Here is a simple solution. Pledge to cut that number in half. Take that extra two hours and apply it to your health. This gives you time to go workout, commute home, and even spend some time preparing a healthier dinner if you haven't already done so.

Ok, so I have a job, and I could spend a little time relaxing in front of the boob-tube, but I need sleep, and time to eat, and I have a family, and a dog, and a bird....

I would never take credit away from anyone who is working a job, growing a family, getting their sleep, and doing their job as a parent, spouse, and productive citizen. So, don't worry...there is no negativity.

The point I want to make by my italics is that we all have shit to do. Again, it is that simple. Everyone has responsibility and the need to tend to it. Yet, why do some people find the time to add fitness into their lives and keep it there, and others forget it like it was never there?


Exercise needs to move up on your to-do list. I know it can be hard to make it fit the first few weeks, and adding it will surely make you more tired, but you can survive that phase. I assure you that if you can last a month with consistency, then you will find that you crave the gym, and need to go there for your sanity.

Here is my number way of making it to the gym everyday!

Treat the gym like it is another job.

Do not "turn off" until you have done your job. The same way your boss won't let you kick your feet up on the desk and start watching Netflix while on the clock is the same way you shouldn't allow yourself to go home and relax before getting your workout in.

Whether it is before your job, or after it does not matter. Make going to the gym a part of your workday and you'll be surprised at just how successful you are sticking to your habits.

When I first got into lifting weights I found that I couldn't go inside my house and still make it back out to the garage where our weights were. I was young, seventeen or eighteen, had a playstation and snack food, and was far more tempted to spend my afternoon hours doing that.

However, I used to pack clothes in my bookbag, or gym bag and leave them in my old GMC Sierra. I"d change in the garage and get after it. That simple folks!

Facebook - Finishing off another rep at 375.jpg

Oh, to be so young, and deadlifting with bad form

Once I was done I would allow myself to enter the house. Then, and only then, could I relax.

I truly hope today's blog helped you understand that you are much more like everyone else out there. You just need to make it a point to work out. Make it a habit and you'll make it a life.

Let me know if I can help guide you!



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