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The New Year: It is NOT a New You

It has been a bit long since I last wrote for the site. Truthfully, I decided to enjoy the holidays this year. I spent an amazing amount of time with family, friends, and my girlfriend. I ate some junk food, had a few good whiskeys, and worked only the sessions as were scheduled.

To be honest, it was refreshing. 2014 was one of the best years of my life to date, and it kept me busy. From Men's Health to MetRx, Sports Club/LA to Equinox, starting this website, and everything else that happened; my year was an experience.

I am blessed by my year and so before I continue on and write the subject of the blog, I want to take a moment and thank everyone.

Thank you to my friends, family, co-workers, mentors, and even those who have given me a hard time. You have driven me, supported me, and allowed me to get here where I am now. I will never let you down.

Here we go........

2015 is not the beginning of a new you!

Yes, I said it. I think the one thing I hate the most about New Years resolutions is all of this talk about "New Year, New You". Sure, I get that it is about letting go of previous failures, and embracing a fresh start.

That's all fine and good...but you are the same person on January 1st as you were at 11:59 on December 31st. Except maybe a little more hungover, tired, and covered in glitter....(do people still use glitter?)


Credit: To whoever partied hard here.

Seriously though, acting as though a new year is suddenly a reset button to the video game known as life is a complete middle-finger to the way life works. It is not designed to give you a chance to start over, or act like parts of your life never happened.

Life is like a cake. You want your cake to look good from a distance, and taste just as pleasing. No, that isn't an innuendo, but rather, a representation of how people perceive your life when they are a part of it. Does your life look amazing on Facebook, but is actually hollow and held together by a string? Or, does your life resonate with everyone you meet?

Your cake is a series of layers. With every year, or segment of your life acting as another layer. A new flavor, a new topping...whatever.

Not everyone sees the entire cake of course. When you grew up you had friends that you no longer speak to. You met many of people in college, but chances are you don't stay in perfect contact anymore. The list goes on and on in terms of people who come in and out of your life. They fit into various layers, or maybe just one. are losing me...

The point that I am trying to make here is that your "cake" is full of a variety of layers, but those layers don't go anywhere. You build on top of them. Sure, maybe you were a loner in grade school who carried a little extra weight, or the crazy party animal in college that couldn't keep your pants on once you had too much tequilla....

Those layers never leave you. You simply build on top of them. Every success and failure serves as the foundation for the next layer in your cake.

So, NO! This year is not the year of a "new you". It is simply the start to another layer of your cake if you so choose to look at it that way.

If you need a fresh start, because your last layer was a bit ugly....then do so! Don't act as though your mistakes never happened, or your failures weren't real. Embrace them, embody them, and let them push you to refine your recipe as you put on the next layer of your cake.

All this talk of cake is really ruining my diet resolution Mullins....

We are all a product of what has happened in our lives. If you truly want to feel real success, then you have to be willing to embrace your defeats. To be trutly accepted you must be truly authentic, and to be truly authentic, then you must allow for yourself to feel or "taste" the cakes you've made up to this point.

So, as you sit down and really set your intentions for the year...don't forget who you were. Remember what got you to this minute, or the the last minute before the last minute.

Every minute you live becomes history once it is over!

Stop kicking over your cake every year and trying to start new. You never end up sorting out the pieces, and usually end up making more of a mess than when you started. Take a step back and look at the various layers, and understand why they stack that way. Then, develop a strategy for the next layer. Start getting the ingredients and get your metaphorical kitchen ready...because it is time bake the best damn cake ever!

I'll have some fun tips for your workouts, the ABC's of fitness, and a little observation of what heavy deadlifts do for the body.

P.S. I didn't put a picture of a cake in this one....I'm not that darn mean



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