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Close out 2014 by being Prepared for 2015

We are about halfway through the final month of the year 2014. Christmas is around the corner, and after that, New Years Eve. It is the iciing on your year's cake, and the jewel in the crown. It could be a scary moment if your year has been going well, or an extremely welcome chance to hit the reset button.

Regardless of how your 2014 can make 2015 even better.

Every year, around this time I sit down and start writing out my goals for 2015. I break my goals down into five distinct categories, and have anywhere from eight to ten points in each category. This allows me to take my thoughts, passions, and desires and put them on to paper, which makes them real.

No matter how much you think about something it doesn't actually become real until you can lay your eyes on it. It is why we invented calendars and appointment books. We need points of reference for our minds to measure against. Make your dreams your reality by putting them on paper. Make yourself accountable to yourself by looking at that goal-sheet as often as possible.

As I have sat down and looked back at my year 2014 I find myself proud, impressed, and satisfied. This is the first time since I began this practice in 2011 that I have felt this way. It isn't that I had let myself down prior to now, but rather, I had never had such lofty goals that I found a way to accomplish.

A few highlights that truly matter to me are:

Goal: Achieve national exposure

Result: I had started the year by having an article published in Met-Rx magazine. My year ended with having six more articles published, as well as an opportunity to model for my latest article, "No Holes in your Game".

Furthermore, I was selected as one of Men's Health's Next Top Trainers. I filmed a reality show that pitted me against seven other amazing trainers. I had them come to film my biography, and was lucky enough to last three episodes. An amazing experience that thrust me onto the scene.

Goal: Get CSCS

Result: I studied most of the year, and earned this title in early October. I had wanted to earn this title since college, but had always talked myself out of the journey. Money, time, and usefulness of the cert. in a commercial gym had always stopped me.

NO more excuse, I got the damn thing, and I feel better fot it.

Goal: Listen More, Talk Less

Result: I am an only child. I like to talk. I'm an introvert turned extrovert by the nature of not wanting to be alone. I want people to like me, and I am willing to talk to anyone.

Yet, in my efforts to talk and be heard, and prove myself to others...I became known as a know-it-all.

I set out to talk less, and listen to others more. Boy is this rewarding. When you sit back and learn about other people's journeys, thoughts, and experiences, then you can truly say you have been taught.

How can this help me Kevin?

I break my goals into five categories. I recommend that you do too!

1. Goals for My Career

This one is pretty straight-forward. What do you want to accomplish at your job, in your career? Get specific. Want that promotion? Want to get involved in marketing? Whatever your goals are; write them down and start working forward.

2. Goals for My Mind

This goal requires you to think about how you'd like to improve your brain. Want to be smarter on a topic? Want to read more? Want to be able to teach others? Regardless of how you want to become more intelligent, write down the specifics and work to them.

3. Goals for My Body

Run a marathon? Lift your bodyweight on the bench? Lose ten pounds? Dive deep down the well and start asking what you want to see your body become. Stronger, faster, better. These goals can apply to training and nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle equally.

4. Goals for My Soul

This one requries you to be in touch with yourself a little bit more. Are you happy? Do you find peace and happiness in something? Do you feel like you are on a good path? Find ways to connect with yourself and your emotions so that you can be a better, and more authentic individual. Cloaking your soul only prevents you from reaching your true glory.

5. Goals for My Relationships

How can you be a better person to the ones you love? Do you talk too much like me? Do you not spend enough time listening to other peoples problems? Are you not able to be reliable? It doesn't matter what your weakness is today, but whether or not you are ready to fix it tomorrow!

The most important part of these goals is writing them down and making yourself accountable to them. Furthermore, you need to find a way to make them reality. Develop a process to achieve each goals. You eventually realize that singular actions can cause multiple goals to be achieved simultaneously.

Let's set up a scenario:

Guy A wants to lose fat, go to the gym more, and stop drinking so much on the weekend. He also hates how he feels about himself, and wishes he could keep a steady girlfriend.

His solution, or process, is to stop going to the bars on the weekends and join his local gym. If he can stay out the nightlife and start building his body in the gym, then he'll find that he feels better about himself, loses weight, and may even be in a better place to meet his dream girl.

All-in-all goal setting is crucial. Yet, more important is being reliable to yourself in achieving these goals. They are not resolutions, they are your life.

Be more then you were yesterday, and be more than you have ever been!


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