• Kevin Mullins

Sorry I was away! I'm back though!

I almost forgot how to log in. Seriously, it has been over a month since I last updated my content on the site. Hell, I forgot I had a wesbite for a little while.

I have always had the tendency to narrow focus and zero in on something when it really matters. I am sure it has lended well to my success in recent years, but it certaintly makes me push everything else to the side. Studying for the CSCS exam was a challenge to say the least.

I hadn't torn through that much material since my years of college at Maryland. I persevered though, and was able to digest enough information to pass my test yesterday and become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. (86% cumulative if anyone is curious as to my testing acumen)

Now, I'm back here with you guys and a ton of material that I want to blog about. I just updated my biography to be a more appropriate biography for someone like me. I'm not a guy who wants to flash his accomplishments and be callous about it. I wanted to share the private parts of me and allow people to understand how I became the guy I am today. Everyone has a journey, and every step leads somewhere.......

Going forward I have a bunch of blog posts that I'm going to start typing up on a regular basis. Furthermore, I wrote a great article for MetRX recently and will be throwing that up here soon. I even modeled for the thing.... Oh boy.

I've attended a seminar by Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore. Much was learned about the hips, the shoulders, bird dogs and dead bugs. I am working with a lot of the material now and trying to "own" it. I've taken a class on the FMS. I have thoughts on it, experience with it, and like the seminar...will speak on it more as I digest it.

I work for Equinox now, as a Tier 3 trainer. It is a promotion for me as I move to a new company. They purchased all of the Sports Club/LA locations and so, I work for a new boss! Not to be lame, but I'm super excited. Most people are eager to leave corporate facilities. I personally love the energy that being in a big facility provides. I love teaching group classes to a packed house, and always having new people to meet!

I hope to put up a more informative post later today about "incremental cheating". A diet trick I believe in for those of us who struggle more with cravings.



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