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Weekend Reading 9-14-2014

It seems as though the fitness industry is on fire lately. The amount of quality articles that come out on a weekly basis is astounding. I haven't been able to even churn through all of the articles I want to read yet because I've been spending most of my free time with my nose in a textbook.

I'm preparing for that C.S.C.S. exam in October sooooo yeah, lots of notes and what not there to be taken.

On to the point, the articles this week are great, especially when considering that there are so many other great ones to choose from too.

Article 1

16-and-a-half Tips For Getting S*it done by MIke Samuels

This article is awesome. Mike points out how that we have to take risks, schedule our creative time, and be willing to shock ourselves if we are ever to reach above what we know. I've come to understand this so much more this year. This time last year I was busy training 120 sessions a month and saying...I wish I had one chance to be "discovered".

Fast forward to now, post Top Trainer, post articles in Met-Rx and a couple write ups in the Washington Post...and I know now...more than ever; that you make your own luck. End of Story.

Thanks Mike for putting together that list!

Article 2

So, this next article is from a guy that I'm always showing love, Tony Gentilcore. He has a fun, easy-to-read writing style and communicates excellent science without boring you to death.

His write up on deadlifts is awesome for two reasons.

1. I've been really focused on building my deadlifts lately and wanting to beast some weight around, and so reading about this stuff makes my life better

2. He points out the simple fact, but largely ignored fact, that people need to spend more time at lighter weights honing technique. Everyone typically goes into the gym and loads up 135, 185, 225...etc and sees what happens. Yet, taking time to develop bar speed, technique, and RESISTANCE to postural change are critical elements to those heavy deads!

Check....check...check it out!

3 (Not So Common) Mistakes People Make when Deadlifting by Tony Gentilcore

Article 3

Last, but not is an excellent article for my ladies out there.

The 3 Biggest Myths about Fat Burning for Active Women by Susan Kleiner

Susan nails it on the head with this one. She tackles 3 of the biggest myths that keep women down instead of helping them overcome fat, and achieve fitness.

Low carb diets, cutting calories to harshly, and living in the "fat-burning" zone will crush many hopes and dreams when it comes to getting leaner and healthier. Susan uses science to show just how these thoughts are wrong, and suggests what should be done instead. I highly recommend!

Kevin Catch UP

Still going strong. Super stoked for tomorrow to take place. I'll be flying to Boston and driving down to see Eric and Tony and the rest of the team at Cressey Performance. I truly have no idea what to expect, but I know I'm super stoked to go. Those guys are great at what they do, not just when it comes to training their athletes, but also in training other trainers. I really look up to them and will gladly report back what I've learned later in the week.

As mentioned earlier I've been burying my nose in the Essentials of Strength and Conditioning textbook a lot lately. I have my test in a month and as a relative perfectionist I have to say that I'm focused on knowing everything. Let's admit a fact. I'm in this to LEARN this entire textbook and be able to recite it if neccessary, not just pass this test. Yet, for now...I really just want to pass this test :)

Spent Thursday in New York City with Frank Sepe and MetRx. They offered me an opportunity to go to Bev Francis' Powerhouse gym in Sysosset NY. It was an amazing experience to model for an article I wrote for the upcoming issue. There was lots and lots of weight being thrown around and I'm eager to see the final product!

I'm going to finish my blog on individualizing a standardized industry and give that to you guys this week as well. I'm excited!

Stay blessed and stay strong!



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