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Late to the Party! Weekend Reading 9-1-2014

Hey guys!

No excuses right? Sorry for the delay in posting my three favorite reads for the weekend. This week has a couple very interesting reads!

Honestly, we should all be thankful that the internet exists to produce constant material for us to ponder. Some of it is great, and some of it is so bad it makes Miley Cyrus look like a peaceful Sunday morning. Thus, I sort through some of it and find three great pieces for you to dive into!


Article Numero Uno

I don't always post nutrition based articles, but this one is too amazing to pass up. I have been against "dieting" for the tenure of my career, especially ones that view a particular macronutrient (carbs or fat) as the devil on a dinner plate. ENOUGH!

The article below by Kris Gunners is awesome. It really points out the facts that it isn't carbohydrates or fats that are making you gain's the freaking pop tarts and doritoes you eat.

Why Junk Food Makes You Fat by Kris Gunners

My takeaway: Eat whole foods like meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts for your calories. Keep snacking on processed junk food as MINIMAL as possible. Stop blaming a calorie for your problems...BLAME THE SOURCE!

Article Numero Two

I am a big fan of lifting weights. No secret there. In fact, I think everyone from you, your friend, to your eighty year old grandmother should lift weights in some capacity!

Charles Staley dives into a quandry we all run into in today's fitness realm. So much stuff to do, and so little time. I just finished a piece about warming up extensively (Here).

Now, if you are like have limited space to do your workouts as they fit into your day, and so a discussion about what really matters is in order....See below for an easy read, but great read...

Maybe All You Need is Lifting by Charles Staley

Last Article

The award for most original article in fitness goes to...Dean Somerset. This article relates very truthful realizations about fitness, gym life, and dedication to the ever-so-popular Game of Thrones series on HBO.

Dean takes an absolutely fresh approach on teaching ten critical lessons about fitness today!

You have got to read it!

10 Lessons on Fitness from Game of Thrones

So, there you have it. Another great 3 reads to top off your Labor Day weekend with. Remember fitness, regarding of your perspective, is about learning and working hard. Learn as much as you can so that you can spend your energy in the right direction, and not waste time like your peers. Be the change that motivates your friends, and be the change to motivate yourself!



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