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Weekend Reading Material 8-22-2014

Hey Guys,

It has been a great week in the world of fitness writing. I'd say a few cornerstone pieces have come out. They combine science, personality, and quality writing.

This first article is an excellent examination and "bible" for training power. POWER is quite literally the ability to do work in a given amount of time (for all my physics folk: P=W/T). Everyone wants to train power now it seems. Whether it is watching pro-athletes, the growth of Crossfit, or simply understanding that moving weights fast looks really impressive, it seems it is the trend for male training. Needless to say, Tony knocks the ball out of the bark, into the upper deck, and into some fella's beer.

How To Train Power by Tony Gentilcore

This next article is something that appeals to me directly. I loved reading it so much I read it twice. Dan John absolutely crushes it with 9 tips that every lifter should follow. Dan has been lifting for so long it is unbelievable. He still throws some serious weight around, coaches great lifters, and writes some amazing pieces for T-Nation, and the like.

This article really nails down things that guys just won't do. The glamour muscles are always calling, and ego-lifting takes the cake. My personal favorite is the first tip: Squat for high reps. It is an equalizer folks. You know who the real Champions are when they don't just semi-squat 225 for 3, but instead drop and pop 185 for 20 reps and live to tell about it!!!

Read this one; Trust me!

9 Tips for Dedicated Lifters by Dan John

Lastly, coming from the gals over at GirlsGoneStrong (an amazing site i might add) a how to for the Kettlebell swing. This article is awesome. It has videos, great information, and tips to make sure doing a very complicated exercise...because a bit more normal. KB swings are great for conditioning, power development, fat loss, and mobility work. Learn here and be better for it!

Beyond the article I love that these girls are strong women with some swagger. They don't just work-out to look sexy, but to be dominant athletes. They hit home runs on that, and are a tremendous inspiration to the young women who are seeking truth in fitness.

Exercise Spotlight: Kettlebell Swing:GGS


Tomorrow I have every intention of editing and putting up a big blog post on warming-up and prepping for a workout. The topic of warming-up goes so much deeper than getting a little bit of blood flowing. We start talking psychology, muscle length-tension relationships, etc. Tune in when I post that bad boy (which should be my biggest post to date).


This week I was able to do the ALS Ice-Bucket challenge that everyone has taken part in. I have to be honest and say that for a second I was worried no one liked me enough to think of me for this. (not serious, but sort of serious, not really).

Doing the challenge gives me a chance to have a little fun of course, but at the end of the day it is about rising up and being a part of your community. I was blessed enough to meet two gentleman; Paul Theo (my fellow contestant) on Men's Health Next Top Trainer, and David Jack, judge on Men's Health Next Top Trainer. Both of these guys have done so much WITH fitness in their careers for bigger, worthy causes. When I was dumping the water I could just hear David saying "eyes-up, rise-UP".

At the end of the day we are nothing more than the impact we leave on this Earth. I suggest we all step up to this challenge, and every challenge beyond!

Here is my video

Oh, and I know some people are tired of hearing about it, or think it is silly, but here is an indisputable fact. Money is being raised, lots of it! Last number I heard was somewhere around 15 million? That is amazing! DO it!



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