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Your Weekend Reading 8-15-2014

Hey guys,

It has been a bit too long since the last time I gave you guys a list of the things I've been checking out. I'm finally getting around to taking my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam from NSCA. I've been saying I should get it for a while now, but always found a reason to defer. In my defense I will say that working in a commerical setting I do not come across many athletes or clientele who require intense programming. However, growth is growth and it is about time I make the magic happen.


The first article is an extremely light read that highlights some bad ass people in the fitness realm. I'm a big fan of Dean's and think he has a very educated, but formally informal style of writing that makes it feel like you are sharing a beer with him and shooting the breeze. We all get 24 hours each day to be do you use yours?

The Measure of 24 Hours

Next up, is an article from Bret Contreras that details the facts that so many young lifters do not face. As a trainer I often preach many of these, ESPECIALLY #2. I nicknamed it the sweat economy, stating that is doesn't exist, because simply put, obese individuals sweat a lot. I mean A LOT. It doesn't mean they are getting any leaner.

Big ups to Bret for being awesome at everything he does, and earning the coolest title ever..."The Glute Guy". So talented!

10 Things All Beginning Lifters Should Know!

Lastly, another great piece from another great writer. See a theme here? I read it some while ago, and really took it to heart. Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore are sort of my favorites, and even if they don't know it, I really look up to them. They spend everyday working a job they love and leading our industry in a direction it should. Eric is damn near the expert on building better, healthier baseball players, especially the shoulders....

Anyway, Eric wrote this next piece about career capital and it really strikes home. I myself am a young trainer and I'm constantly aiming to grow and exceed previous accomplishments. I'm eager to get to the mountain top, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed, but simply put, I still have capital to accrue.

Check em out

Part 1- Career Capital in the Fitness Industry

Part 2- Career Capital in the Fitness Industry

A little side note: I'll be heading up to Cressey Performance in September, and can't wait! I'll spend the day observing an interning with those guys. I'll be sure to speak on it!

Thanks again for being loyal. I ask that if you love reading anything I write, or just want to do a guy who really wants to help more people reach a larger audience. Share my articles and site with friends. I promise you all that I will always work to give you quality content!

Till my next post, which will be on the science of warming-up, and why it's good to just clear your head too!



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