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3 Quick Tips to Eat Healthier!

Hey Guys,

Feels great to check back in. This week has been an absolute whirlwind since my last post (in the Detroit airport). It's funny how you can never seem to catch up on sleep once it is lost for a week (more on this in a second).

I figured I should change up the pace of the blog and give you 3 easy to chew (Yes I did that) tips to improve your nutrition!

1. Sleep More

Numerous studies have been able to show that there is a direct coorelation between quality sleep. Doubt this claim...check out this link from a little school known as Harvard.

CLIFF NOTES: Less sleep equals less ability to breakdown carbohydrates and dramatically altering hormones.

Aim for at least 7 hours a night of quality sleep. Of course, if you can get more, then do it! Your body will absorb sleep like a sponge if you need it, so listen to your body and have it.

A quality strategy I employ to ensure I get enough sleep is to carve out a half hour before bed to wind down and do nothing stimulating. Sometimes I read. Other times I think. Typically, I'm ready to fall asleep twenty minutes into the period.

Here is another reason to get more sleep in terms of your nutritional goals. When you lack energy your body will seek it out. The easiest source of energy will be food or caffeine once you are tired. Get your sleep and chances are you won't feel that 2:30 feeling anymore!

So, stop reading this if it is late...and go to bed! Do it now!!!


2. Add Spinach to EVERYTHING!

The nutritional benefits of spinach are well documented. Hell, even Popeye knew spinach was good for him. It is high in vitamins like K,A,C, and E, and minerals like maganese.

Studies have shown that spinach can increase protein synthesis in the body. Translation: Your body will be better able to breakdown the proteins you eat into the building blocks known as amino acids, and reassemble them as useful proteins in the body (YOUR MUSCLES!)

I put spinach under my steaks, in my salads, in my omelets, and anything else I can make greener!

Lettuce, on the contrary, doesn't have nearly the nutrient profile of spinach. So, if you are going to have some lettuce, then just replace it with spinach.

3. Eggs for breakfast every breakfast

Stop with Pop-Tarts, or breakfast cereals. These simple sugar, chemical-laden calorie-bombs are not a good way to start your day. They are the dieting equivalent to starting a race while lying on your back and everyone else is standing, Kenyan, and wearing nice shoes. You, on the other hand, are in your Grandmother's slippers, and have to run while singing the lyrics to "oom bop! by Hanson".

Enough of the jokes though and back to the tip. I'm not saying you need to eat the entire Chicken farm worth of eggs, but I am saying have at least one egg, anyway you want it, everyday!

Personally, I go with an 3 egg omelet with spinach, tomato, chicken, and JUST ENOUGH cheese to hold it together. Yes, I eat cheese, but I see it as amazing omelet glue, and not food, so it doesn't count...right? (KIDDING).

Study after study have disproved the idea that eggs are unhealthy, like this one: Dang Harvard, stop being so smart.

So there you have it.

Eat more eggs and spinach, and get more sleep! I hope these 3 basic tips can help each and everyone of you with your diet planning. I want nothing more than for you to succeed and achieve your goals. Remember, small steps can build big staircases, so focus on each step as its own success!


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