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A Long Weekend, The Detroit Airport, and Ideas for Growth

Hey Guys,

It has been a bit too long since my last post. This one is a bit different in a sense that my message is less about fitness, or nutrition, but rather, it is about understanding that life has a way of working itself out if you stay hungry and stay focused. we...go....

I've been busy to say the least. I'm not saying this to brag or complain, but to just own it. I have been training a ton of sessions at the Sports Club/LA in D.C. I've been asked to write another big piece in the upcoming Met-RX magazine. I started K.M. Strength and Fitness Systems. I am trying to knock out a few new certifications, meet important people, and build a brand that is easy to recognize.

There are many other logs on my fire, but I'm not here to brag, nor to bore. The point I'm trying to make with it all is simple. I'm busy. You are busy too. Each and everyone should have just as many things pulling you in just as many directions. Simply put, Greatness rewards those who chase it.

I took a beautiful vacation this weekend with my girlfriend and her father in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Talk about being away from people...I could have yelled for help and a squirrel would have simply giggled and continued working on his acorn. I ate (alot), golfed, played tennis, sat in a hot tub, slept in, and genuinally relaxed. It was great. It was needed!

Yet, the whole time I was eager to get back at it. I felt like I was missing out on something. Not FOMO like kids get in college when they miss a night of partying to write a paper worth 50% of their grade, but rather FOMO in a way that someone else is working while I'm relaxing.

Fast forward to right this second. A big wave of storms crashed through the middle of America and grounded my flight. My girlfriend and I are sitting in the Delta lounge (her father is really a nice guy) drinking a few cocktails and waiting to finally board our plane. Here I am writing a blog for the website. This is after I've mapped out my schedule for the week, confirmed a corporate wellness bootcamp, registered KMFS for business in MD (I seriously have no idea what I'm doing), and learned about more features I can bring you guys.....

Ok Kevin, shut up about your life...what is your point....

My point is really big.

Life is a series of ups and downs, highs and lows, high-intensity and low-intensity. Understand this and you can stay level on this roller coaster. I've been pushing for months since the Men's Health competition to reach more people and build the brand I'd be proud of. I took a vacation to the Dominican Republic, worked some more, and took this long weekend in Michigan, only to return and work again.

Life is about balance. Taking shots and pushing as hard you can only to back away and recharge. Even great generals knew that their soldiers can't just go full bore at all times. Many of the greatest victories in battle have been achieved by pushing until ground is gained; claiming it, and seizing more when the time was right.

No matter what you do in life chase it with everything you got. Your fitness routines are no different. Don't just show up to the gym and putz around. Don't just eat healthy 60% of the time. Commit to it completely and watch your success happen!

At the same time; back down when neccessary. Enjoy family and friends and good times. Have a beer and a steak. Skip a workout and go play football. Lay on a raft in a river. I don't care what you do, just realize that you need time away in order for the energy to grow to remain!

CLIFF NOTES: NEVER STOP TRYING, except when you can stop trying.

I'll be back with something more scientific this week.



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