• Kevin Mullins

Mobility at its FINEST

Hey guys,

Taking a different route today with my blog post. Some clients of mine have been seeking mobility as of late and so I found myself doing research for easy to learn, easy to do programs that increase flexibility and mobility in our joints.

Check out the video below to see Defranco's 11 moves for flexibility. Joe DeFranco is a beast, a genius, and a hell of a trainer. Following his lead is never a bad move. Check this out!

Going forward. Feel free to email me and questions if you want to learn more. Happy Sunday guys, and congrats to Germany on a world cup win! Shows that dominance can be exciting.

I'll be coming up with some new content this week to share with you guys. Videos and blogs alike. I've added a programs and services page to the website so that you guys can take part in my programs!

Alright now, gotta go make some dinner and prep for the week!



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