• Kevin Mullins

Weekend Reading! 6-21-14

Hey Guys, in a bit of a rush today with the family in town. It has been an absolutely fast-paced week after my vacation in the Dominican. I trained a ton of sessions, taught 3 group classes, took a seminar on business development, and even found the time to watch Lone Survior!

For the record...Lone Survivor was a great movie, but an even better book! Give it a go!

Here are 3 great reads to get those brain juices flowing this weekend!

1. How Deep Should I Squat: Tony Gentilcore

2. Breakfast is not the Most Important Meal: Adam Bornstein

3. Steroids: The Birth of a Demon: John Romano

All of these are great reads that really answer typical topics asked in gyms and health clubs across the nation. Give them a read and grow!

Knowledge is key to continue your path!

till next time guys!



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