• Kevin Mullins

Weekend Reading Material 6-6-2014 Edition

Hey guys. I'm getting ready to leave for the Dominican Republic for the week. Yes, I am ecstastic. I've been working hard these last few years and so I feel as though I really deserve this vacation!

It has been a great week for information. There has been some excellent articles posted by others that have got my wheels spinning. Now it is your turn.

So many of you travel! Check out an article that provides a guide for staying fit and healthy on-the-go. Let's see how many I can follow this week in the DR ;)

8 of The Smartest People in the Fitness Industry Share Their HealthyTravel Tips

Here is a great read if you like science. It is a bit thick in information, but it can really help you to discern what your exercise habits really should be.

Finally Get the Truth About CrossFit, Cardio, Vaccines, the FMS, Getting Shredded, and Burning Fat

Lastly, a great article to help you nail down that nutrition heading into the summer. If you overeat at times. This is the article for you!

The Truth About Overeating (and 5 Steps to Stopping Yourself)

Till next time guys! #Let'sGetit


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