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What is Kevin Mullins Fitness?

It has taken far too long, but it seems that I am finally here establishing a website. My relationship with websites and technology is much like many peoples relationship with dieting or training. I've thought about it a lot, swore to myself I'd do it, and even tried a few times. All of this has lead to more time passing and still no website.

Recently I was blessed with an opportunity to participate in the Men's Health Next Top Trainer reality series. As I arrived in Emmaus PA to compete against seven other amazing trainers (more on them later) I realized that I was the only person without a website, or even a "brand" for people to identify with. Since I've become a trainer I have poured all of my energy into learning more about the body, training, nutrition, and every little niche area I could so that I could provide the best service possible to my clients.

Now it is time to establish my brand....

My name is Kevin Mullins, and I am a certified personal trainer through ISSA, an olympic sports performance coach (level 1) through USAW, and I earned a B.S. degree in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland.

I believe in being an expert first, teacher second, and trainer third to my clients. If I am not one of the best at my craft, capable of teaching someone else to manage their own health, then what I am I doing making them do burpees and squats till they see double?

I believe this industry is made up of a variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds, motivations, and mentalities. However, I believe that you can isolate it into two major categories. Trainers who have a job, and trainers who have a career.

I fall into the latter category. I put all of my eggs in the fitness basket and plan on leaving them there for the rest of my working days. I love building relationships with people and helping them understand their own bodies. I love writing articles for magazines, and being interviewed on my thoughts about a particular topics. Hell, I even enjoy going out for a drink with friends and being asked how to lose 5 pounds or get bigger muscles (even if I am "off-the-clock").

Being a trainer is about living what you preach and being willing to teach, coach, and share your knowledge at any moment with those eager to listen.

Those "other" trainers are guys and gals with great bodies looking for a decent paying job that let's them have control. I'm not saying all of these people are bad individuals or won't grow into better trainers, but trust me, they exist. These individuals don't really read articles, share knowledge, and often bash other trainers in an effort to establish a superior brand. Ego is the backbone of their being, and often times their clients are attracted and repulsed by them at the same exact time!

With me, Kevin Mullins, I promise to always rely on quality information for you to read. I'll share my thoughts on valuable and silly topics just the same. Truth is, I love silly one-liners during sessions, bad jokes, and can talk about sports until the wee hours of the morning. Training is about an experience, not just sweat.

Hope to keep you guys around!

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