Personal training has been redefined by the success of the internet. Now, people can access the minds and programs of successful coaches by working with them online. 

Geography doesn't matter like it used to.

Don't get me wrong, in-person training is still premium value, as you'll be coached 1-1 by someone with eyes are on you, their program designed specifically for you, and the coaching cues are live and in color.

But, these sessions can be expensive. A single hour with me is least one hundred and fifty dollars. Others charge more or less, but that rate is pretty above-average for the industry. 

Online training though, provides a bit of a discount to standard training as a trade off for the lack of live coaching. A tremendous way of accessing a coach's arsenal of programs if you already possess the motivation to show up on your own. 

There is one other amazing thing about online training too - and that is group training. Yes, for an even bigger discount you can forego the absolutely customized programming and instead jump on board with a bunch of like minded folks looking to change their body too. 

Are you looking to build muscle, make friends, and get an extra push to keep showing up?

Do online group training.

Are you looking to burn fat, define your body, and feel supported by others on the same journey?

Do online group training. 

It sounds almost too good to be true, right? 

Well it isn't. I promise.​

I want you to trust me and my over-ten years of experience in personal training, strength and conditioning, and fitness writing. I'll help you cut through the bullshit and end up right where you belong - at your goals. 


Let's begin the conversation. In my time as a coach I've done over fifteen thousand personal training sessions. At this point I know exactly how to get you where you need to go. 

You'll experience heavy deadlifts, perfect presses, and a whole lot more mobility than you are used to doing. You'll utilize all ten of the major movement patterns while going heavy, going light, and burning calories from start to finish. You'll access new ranges of motion, possibly get out of that pain that's been bugging you, and grow a whole new attitude towards your fitness. 

The only question you need to ask yourself as you stare at this line of text is...

Are you ready to #becomethelion ?

You'll Stop:
  • Buying Bullshit Supplements
  • Lifting Arms more than Legs
  • Excusing yourself from cardio
  • Skipping Days
  • Hoping you get Results
Apply for the Group TODAY and join the next round of men who become the lion

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