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Per Month:


  • 100% Customized Training & Nutrition Program

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

  • Weekly Check-in Email

  • Free Copy of Live your Life, Lose the Fat

  • IDEAL if you feel like your training and nutrition plans could use an upgrade

  • PERFECT if you feel overwhelmed with where to start and want to do it right

Zero-Guilt Nutrition

There are enough diets out there already. Most of them won't even work because they demonize food groups and create avoidance behaviors that almost always lead to binging.

Instead, my clients create healthy relationships with food, even the tasty stuff, so that they can enjoy the spices of life when appropriate and stay focused when they should. 


You shouldn't have anxiety about food.

"Simplest diet I've ever tried"

One of my clients couldn't believe how simple the process was once we removed all of the noise that comes from social media, internet sites, their friends, and those pesky "influencers".

You'll create habits that make you want to choose nutrient-rich foods, choose water over wine, and enjoy the process of getting healthier. These habits always lead to success.

You should feel like you can achieve your goals without going crazy.

Hassle-Free Results

Nutrition programs should work hand-in-hand with training programs. We'll work together to create the perfect plan (for both) that meets your needs, goals, and capabilities. 

You should feel like your diet and training "fit" into your life instead of run it.