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All of the RESULTS and none of the NOISE

Get the results that you want by experiencing fitness, lifestyle and nutrition programs designed with you, and only you, in mind. 1-on-1 contact and coaching specific to you skips plateaus and delivers your goals.

Experience fitness programming on a bigger stage. Join a community of people with similar goals and challenges and succeed side-by-side. Enjoy high-end exercise programming without the pressure or cost of 1-on-1.

Premium Programs

Put the mind of a veteran trainer to work in your own time. No pressure, no requirements, no strings-attached. Find the pre-made program for your goals and get to work and get results.

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Individual Coaching

"This is what it feels like" - 

You know that feeling you get when your hairstylist knows your ideal cut the second you sit in the chair, but is still willing to listen to your needs and wants? You can have that with your fitness too.

My clients get real results that last without feeling like they've given up all the thing that make them happy. They value my experience, support, and commitment to their lasting success.

Sign up today and let me help you realize just how great you can become. 











  • 100% Customized Training Program

  • Individualized Recovery Protocol

  • Monthly Check-in Call and Email

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in Email

  • The 6 Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits for Success

  • PERFECT for those who feel stagnant in their workouts and need access to higher level coaching

  • 100% Customized Training & Nutrition Program

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

  • Weekly Check-in Email

  • Free Copy of Live your Life, Lose the Fat

  • IDEAL if you feel like your training and nutrition plans could use an upgrade

  • PERFECT if you feel overwhelmed with where to start and want to do it right

  • 100% Customized Training & Nutrition Program

    • Weekly Check-in Calls and Emails​

  • Individualized "LIFE" coaching Calls

    • Sleep Tracker

    • Habit Development

    • Goal Setting and Action Planning

  • PERFECT if you want to hit reset on life itself and do things even better than before


Stories of Success

"Kevin's personalized and careful approach with his clients has helped me to feel my most confident in the gym as well as from an overall health perspective. In a world inundated with a mess of information on health and fitness, it feels great to have someone supporting me that is so knowledgeable."

Lane  - 28 - 

“Kevin is a very positive, friendly person, and his positive reinforcement techniques are very motivating. Rather than criticizing when I don't do something, or when I do it incorrectly, he provides a positive suggestion on how to do it better."

Vladimir - 38 -

Group Programming

Join a community of people just like you - hard workers who need a little nudge to stay consistent in the gym - and enjoy achieving results together. Get results from semi-custom workout programs that are designed to target the problem spots the given group. 

Groups include:

*HERO Workouts*

*20-Minutes Only*

*The First 10 Pounds*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I train with you?

In a world where everyone seems to be a fitness "influencer" I can understand why you could be worried if you are choosing the right trainer for your needs and goals.

All I can say to that is this: I've spent over a decade training at fitness facilities with real people and have had some clients for over five of those years. I'm an experienced professional with nearly twenty-thousand hours of actual training experience via 1-1 sessions, group fitness classes, lectures, online consultations, and more.
I'd love to have a chat about your concerns on the phone when we talk. Be sure to reach out.

How does billing work?

Billing, regardless of which model you choose, works the same for each program. All payments are due by the 25th of each month for programs in the following month. This is done to ensure that all programs are ready and in your hands prior to the 1st. All payments are made in full and are accepted in month-by-month and three-month increments. A 10% discount is given to the total when you commit to 3 months. All payments are handled via Paypal or Stripe - both of which are active in my store.

How are the programs delivered?

Each program has its own unique characteristics that may require more, or less, interaction. However, the core delivery methods remain the same: 1. Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly phone calls are done via Skype or phone. These are scheduled via email exchanges. 2. Check-In emails are done via "closed-pages" embedded in this site that have preconstructed forms for you to fill out. Additional information or photos/videos may be collected via email exchange after the bi-weekly or monthly program check-ins. 3. All exercise and nutrition programs are delivered as downloadable, clickable, but not open-to-edits, PDF files. In addition - the "raw" excel sheets and tracking charts are sent too. Additional documents may be sent (such as infographics) on a case-by-case basis. 4. All workout and nutrition is completed locally at this time. The cloud can throw some complications between HP and Apple products and often distorts tracking sheets. At the end of each training cycle you will submit your tracked workouts back to me by the 25th of each month for review. 5. Progress photos, if you opt-in, will be required every 60 or 90 days, depending upon your training goal and willingness to submit and share them.

How do nutrition plans work?

Nutrition plans work a little differently person to person. How I coach your eating habits, nutirtional intake, and sleep will be exceptionally unique to you as an individual. With that said, all nutrition programs begin by establishing baseline habits for at least 21 days before diving into macronutrient breakdowns, specific manipulations, or dietary restrictions. Your nutrition spreadsheet will ask for you to track intake, how you feel, your sleep, and a few other factors that are critical to proving a plans worth. We will make minor adjustments every two-weeks, and major adjustments only as needed.

Why would I train online?

Chances are you've met a trainer, your gym has a few, or you yourself are one. While in-person training is always beneficial because of tactile feedback, accountability, and the hour-by-hour aren't always getting what you are paying for. Online training allows for clients around the world to train with some of the best coaches who are trapped by geographic and time constraints. You gain access into the mind, coaching methods, and training effects of people you wouldn't otherwise meet. You'll retain your freedom, save money in comparison to traditional training sessions, and be able to access my brain - the home of way too much fitness knowledge.

Do you do fat loss? Muscle gain? Athletic performance?

We all work out for the same core reason - to be a little better than we were, or are. Yet, we all are all motivated by different goals and endpoints. That's what makes the world go around. I specialize in helping people discover their true goals by unpacking the noise and focusing on their wants, needs, and capabilities. Regardless of the specific outcome (fat loss, strength gain, etc.) I have the education, training background, and specific client experience to devise plans that improve your life and deliver results that last. One of the perks of training at a commercial facility all this time is that I never pigeon-holed myself into a specific population. I've helped a wide variety of individuals with a wider variety of problems. **With that said - I am not currently accepting clients who are currently pregnant. I do have 3 specific coaches I'd recommend though, so please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.***

What is this OPTIMAL program?

In addition to my expertise in fitness and nutrition, we can take a look at your sleep, life-habits, and goal-setting behaviors that allow you to succeed in the gym, in the kitchen, in your career, and potentially in your personal relationships. OPTIMAL is a any we use to describe something without any weaknesses. It is my honest goal to help you enough to do all the things in your life that you'd like by helping you develop optimal habits.

What if I want to sign up in the middle of the month?

Depending on the day of the month of our initial conversation - I'll either: 1. Prorate the month and get you started ASAP 2. Donate the remainder of the month as a free-initiation period for you and "add it" to the following month's program. (AKA a 5 week program instead of a 4 week). 3. Devise a quick, and safe, filler program for you while we sort out the details and get you more formally sorted for the coming month. This small program would be 50% of the cost of full programs.

Why Would I do a Group Program?

Group programs are great entry point into ONLINE training because you are joining a group of people just like you. You'll gain additional support from social media groups, share training experiences with people you don't necessarily know, and gain access to elite training programs brought to you by me. Since the programs are only customized to the "target" of the group - cost is less per person. Some groups could have as many as fifty people in them - making the workouts a bit more safe and "mid-line", but always capable of presenting results. At 75.00 per month you'll recieve access to the social groups, the workouts, a copy of an E-book that fits your target demographic, and the opportunity to call yourself #strongerthanyesterday.

What are premium programs?

Premium programs are pre-designed, highly produced programs that have a highly specific end-goal in mind. These programs are purchased just like you'd buy a movie at the store - it is yours as soon as the transaction completes. There are no strings, no check-ins, no need to mess around with me. You'll simply focus on the workload at hand and get better each and everyday. These programs will have videos, lectures, workouts, and a badge-of-honor. Of course, there will be support groups on Facebook and other fun opportunities - but you don't HAVE to do them.