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All of the RESULTS and none of the NOISE

Get the results that you want by experiencing fitness, lifestyle and nutrition programs designed with you, and only you, in mind. 1-on-1 contact and coaching specific to you skips plateaus and delivers your goals.

Experience fitness programming on a bigger stage. Join a community of people with similar goals and challenges and succeed side-by-side. Enjoy high-end exercise programming without the pressure or cost of 1-on-1.

Premium Programs

Put the mind of a veteran trainer to work in your own time. No pressure, no requirements, no strings-attached. Find the pre-made program for your goals and get to work and get results.

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Individual Coaching

"This is what it feels like" - 

You know that feeling you get when your hairstylist knows your ideal cut the second you sit in the chair, but is still willing to listen to your needs and wants? You can have that with your fitness too.

My clients get real results that last without feeling like they've given up all the thing that make them happy. They value my experience, support, and commitment to their lasting success.

Sign up today and let me help you realize just how great you can become. 

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Individual Coaching







  • 100% Customized Training Program

  • Individualized Recovery Protocol

  • Monthly Check-in Call and Email

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in Email

  • The 6 Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits for Success

  • PERFECT for those who feel stagnant in their workouts and need access to higher level coaching

  • 100% Customized Training & Nutrition Program

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

  • Weekly Check-in Email

  • Free Copy of Live your Life, Lose the Fat

  • IDEAL if you feel like your training and nutrition plans could use an upgrade

  • PERFECT if you feel overwhelmed with where to start and want to do it right

Training Options
Success Stories

Stories of Success

"Kevin's personalized and careful approach with his clients has helped me to feel my most confident in the gym as well as from an overall health perspective. In a world inundated with a mess of information on health and fitness, it feels great to have someone supporting me that is so knowledgeable."

Lane  - 28 - 

“Kevin is a very positive, friendly person, and his positive reinforcement techniques are very motivating. Rather than criticizing when I don't do something, or when I do it incorrectly, he provides a positive suggestion on how to do it better."

Vladimir - 38 -

Group Programming

Join a community of people just like you - hard workers who need a little nudge to stay consistent in the gym - and enjoy achieving results together. Get results from semi-custom workout programs that are designed to target the problem spots the given group. 

Groups include:

*HERO Workouts*

*20-Minutes Only*

*The First 10 Pounds*

Be the first to know when these release.

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